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Meet Andrea Boeshaar - Best-selling Romance Writer!

Andrea Boeshaar has been married for more than 32 years. She and her husband Daniel have three adult sons, one lovely daughter-in-law, and two precious and precocious grandchildren (and two more on the way!).

Andrea attended college, first at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, where she studied English, and then at Alverno College where she studied Professional Communications and Business Management.

Andrea has been writing stories and poems since she was a little girl; however, it wasn’t until 1991, after she became a Christian, that she answered God’s call to write exclusively for the Christian market. Since then Andrea has written articles, devotionals, novellas and full-length novels, many of which have made the CBA Bestseller List. Her latest novel “Unwilling Warrior” has just been released. It’s Book One in her Seasons of Redemption series (published by Realms Fiction).

For more on Andrea and a list of her published works, visit her web site at: http://www.andreaboeshaar.com/

The review:
Unwilling Warrior by Andrea Kuhn Boeshaar
Paperback: 291 pages

Publisher: Realms; 1 edition (May 4, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1599799855
ISBN-13: 978-1599799858

c. 2010
Retail: $10.99, also available at Walmart!

Veteran best-selling author Andrea Kuhn Boeshaar returns to historical romance with a new series titled Seasons of Redemption. The first book, Unwilling Warrior is set in Louisiana and Missouri during the Civil War.

Valerie Fontaine, a young lady of 1861 New Orleans society, lost her mother to illness six months previously, and apparently is losing her father, too—to drink, or weakness, as Valerie sees it. He doesn’t even welcome her surprise return from boarding school at Christmas. Her father announces the arrival of a houseguest on New Year’s Eve, someone McCabe, but instead of welcoming him, leaves Valerie and her escort for the event, long-time friend and potential fiancĂ© James Ladden, to bring him along to a party.

Benjamin McCabe is the son of a Missouri preacher who has connections to the Fontaine family’s pastor. He is a neutral freelance photographer whose brother, a chaplain, is missing in action. Ben and his partner search for him while they photograph and write news articles about the war.

Life has changed dramatically for Valerie after the death of her mother. Even James has turned into an unsavory character who has little appeal as a husband. As Valerie and Ben become better acquainted, he encourages her to get to know her pastor’s family where it is painfully obvious that the pastor’s daughter Catherine has set her cap for Ben.

Tragedy and mayhem lead to a quick marriage between Ben and Valerie followed by immediate separation as Ben must send Valerie away to keep her from being arrested for treason. Escape from New Orleans to Ben’s family in Missouri is complicated further when Catherine decides to join her.

Boeshaar’s story is filled with episodes of delightful conversation as Valerie and Benjamin get to know one another. Although decidedly southern, Valerie’s sympathies lie with the affects of the conflict. Ben’s family is divided, as his oldest brother fought on the side of the side of the Confederacy. Boeshaar did a good job with her research into one of several photographic processes taking place during that era. Her use of period detail and summation of battles and their results add to the adventure without smacking the reader over the head. I enjoyed the side story of Mama’s Psalm 55 soap and the confusion Ben and Valerie portrayed as they explored their relationship, both together and apart. I look forward to the next tale in the series.

Submitted by Lisa Lickel originally in late winter 2010

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