Thursday, May 12, 2011

Woodland Pattern Book Center

Woodland Pattern Book Center

I've taken a class here.

Woodland Pattern Book Center was founded as a non-profit organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Riverwest neighborhood by Anne Kingsbury and Karl Gartung in 1979. The name "Woodland Pattern" was chosen from a passage in Paul Metcalf's Apalache: "South of Lake Superior, a culture center, the Woodland Pattern, with pottery but without agriculture..." Thanks to the hard work and sustained effort of volunteers, Woodland Pattern became a nationally recognized cultural hub, and the staff (we are paid now!) is still working hard to uphold this vitality.

The center houses a bookstore with over 25,000 small press titles otherwise unavailable in our area. Because we are nonprofit, our inventory decisions aren't dictated entirely by commercialism. As booksellers and as presenters of art and literature, we want people to know that there is more than what you see at your chain book store, more than you are taught in school, more than what is reviewed in the papers. We hope to act as a catalyst, putting readers together with small press literature. Come browse our selection of poetry, chapbooks, fine print materials, broadsides, and multicultural literature. We think you'll be impressed!

Our space also includes an art gallery where we present exhibitions, artist talks, readings, experimental films, concerts and writing workshops for adults and children.

Woodland Pattern Book Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3). While we do receive funding from foundations and corporations, it is because of individuals like you that we exist. We thank you, and ask that you consider becoming a member of Woodland Pattern.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rebird Studios - Milwaukee

Featuring another Writer's Workshop, Redbird Studio, Milwaukee & Judy Bridges, Kim Suhr

Writers’ Groups & Classes for Adult Writers

RedBird-RedOak offers programming for adult writers of all levels of ability and experience. We recognize that the definition of writing “success” is different for each writer who comes through our door. From the aspiring novelist who wants to see her name on the cover of a book to the poet who wants to be published in a literary journal to the grandfather who wants to create a memoir for future generations, we take our writers where they are and help give them the tools to make their writing dreams come true.

Redbird Studio:

RedOak Studio:

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I recently learned about this very cool place practically on my door step. Love Wisconsin!


"Writing is an act of isolation. But writers don't have to be isolated."

•Classes - Variety of OnLine and OnSite Classes

•Workshops - Supportive Ongoing Workshops for Writers of All Abilities

•Coaching - One-on-One Intensive Coaching for All Abilities and Genres

•Editing - Professional Editing to Put the Final Polish on Your Manuscript