Monday, March 12, 2012

Masters of Mystery: MJ Williams

I am Mary Joy Johnson (right), one half of the team writing under the pseudonym M. J. Williams; my sister-in-law Peggy Williams constitutes the other half. We teamed up to write mystery novels.
Peggy has been a free-lance writer most of her adult life, writing scripts for documentary films, magazine features, and online content. She has taught elementary school since graduating from Michigan State University. She also received a masters degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Peggy and her husband, Mark, have two grown children and one new grandson, who, of course, is the light of their lives. When Peggys not teaching, shes writing. 
When Im not writing, Im quilting. I retired from teaching writing at Bay College in Escanaba, Michigan several years ago. I earned both a bachelors and a masters degree at Central Michigan University. I also have two grown children, but I beat Peggy in the grandparent department; I have three teenage granddaughters  Since my retirement, I tutor ESL and learning disabled adults and have become very active in Madisons quilting community.

Weve recently independently-published our mystery novel, On the Road to Deaths Door, the first in a series, featuring a retired small town public safety officer and her husband. Emily and Stan Remington inherit a used RV and begin their travels in Wisconsins Door County where they are thrown into a murder investigation involving an old college buddy of Stans. It is available for the Kindle and as a print-on-demand paperback from

The next book in the series, which takes place in Boston, is in production (read that as were still writing it).

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