Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Former WI Author Steven Farrell is headed for the big screen with Mersey Boys

Steve says:
Ladies and Gents,

Mersey Boys, my new book at Amazon.com, is being made into a movie (low budget) out in New York-New Jersey. The casting call has gone out. It's being filmed by La Muse Venale, a Broadway group. They're working with MNN, an affliate of Time Warner. The movie is being filmed during the winter and should open at the famous Actor's Temple in the Broadway district.

Cairan Byrne, a Broadway actor, is one of the guys who'll be in it.

I'm not actively involved in the film process. I am providing the first two film screenplay drafts. I also will be going over three headshots on all of the finalists to render my opinions.
About the Book:

  • Publisher: World Audience Publishers (November 5, 2012)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00A2VGDQ2
  • Kindle: .99
    Print: $9.99

    Mersey Boys is a Beatles novel that introduces John, Paul, George, Ringo and Al to the world outside of Liverpool, England. Al? Al! Welcome to a ferryboat ride across the Mersey River and backwards in time by over fifty years into an enchanting musical world that shall never be seen again in history. Join Professor Al Moran, a college art professor of John Lennon, on his magic carpet ride with the four young men who would soon morph into the internationally known Beatles. Gaze upon the beautiful Ginny Browne, the sexiest female character penned in these opening days of the Twenty-first century. Hear the music, dance to the beat and relive the heady days of a long ago golden age in England.

    The book was reviewed favorably by Copperfield Reviews and Small Press Watch Review.

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    Bowery Ripper on the Loose
    "Bowery Ripper on the Loose" is a comic mystery, featuring the notorious Jack the Ripper and the hilarious Irish Clowns of the Lower East Side of New York City. Jack the Ripper, the most infamous serial killer in history, is back plying his bloody trade after a fifty year hiatus. This time Saucy Jack is on the loose on the Bowery, New York's poorest neighborhood, in 1938. A slew of murders beneath the 3rd Street elevated train tracks has the entire city in a state of panic. Is the slaughter the work of the Communists, the Nazis, or Own Madden's West Side Irish Mafia? When Bugs McMaster and his gang, the Irish Clowns, are rounded up as possible suspects, they decide to solve the puzzle themselves. "Bowery Ripper on the Loose" is a leap into the surrealistic world that merges comedy with murder.

    ISBN-13: 978-1935444732

    Steve says, "Bowery Ripper is a fun read for a rainy Halloween night. It helps if one loves the old Bowery Boys movies of the 40s."


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  • Publisher: Bookstand Publishing; Revised edition (March 10, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1589096231
  • ISBN-13: 978-1589096233

  • Visit the author's Amazon biography page to find more books.

    About the Author:

    Steven M. Farrell is a Professor of Speech-Communication at Greenville Technical College in Greenville, South Carolina, as well as a professional public speaker. He is orginally from Kenosha, Wisconsin and is a member of the Wisconsin Writers Association.


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    Anonymous said...

    The book, Mersey Boys, is so filled with inaccuracies ('Johnny' on stage (!) at a pub singing Chuck Berry ALONE!), anachronisms (cathedrals that hadn't been built, expressions that were not a part of the vernacular at the time) and the most stereotypical, laughable misreading of the city and its personality and voice as to be excruciating. The Kindle sample was too long, made worse by the execrable lack of proofreading – reading through the stray punctuation marks, the unformatted dialogue, bizarre paragraph breaks.
    The conceit of the novel is cute; did Farrell actually GO to Liverpool? I mean for more than the 3-hour tour?