Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review of The Seven by Sean Patrick Little

The Seven by Sean Patrick Little

ISBN 13: 978-1608440665
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC (August 19, 2009)

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About the book:
Chosen for their unique DNA profiles and taken from their homes as children, seven teenagers have endured a decade of experimentation, surgeries, and gene-splicing as part of the world-changing project of a geneticist bent on creating the next evolution of man. As a result of the experiments, each of the seven is imbued with the potential for a different superhuman ability. As they near adulthood, the experiment finally begins to show results, but the effects are worse than any of them could have predicted. When an attempt to escape the lab goes horribly awry, the seven are forced to face down the paramilitary army of the syndicate that founded the experiment that created them, or lose the only family they have left: Each other.

My review:
I sat next to Sean at a book fair and purchased The Seven. I finally got around to reading it over the last few days and honestly looked forward to the time I spent in his world. The characters were well-rounded, heroic, and full of wonderful teenaged angst despite the things they were going through.

Each character gradually comes into his or her own as the genetic manipulation of scientists and the government attempt to reprogram humans (or subjects/experiments) in weaponized creatures in a mad plot to...

For those who love all the fantasy and sci-fi YA stuff of genetic manipulation (and even more scary-real every day), X-men, and all that funky stuff--you'll love these kids and how they put their brave on. I agree, could have used another proof-read, but hopefully you'll go ahead and do that soon, and put up another revised edition.

About the Author: 

Sean Patrick Little lives in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, although he considers Mount Horeb, Wisconsin his home. He likes progressive rock music and comic books. If you buy him a diet Cherry Coke, he'll thank you for it.

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