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Fantasy Occult fiction from David M Meier

David M Meier
Horror, occult, fantasy

A Deadly Deal
April, 2017
ISBN: 978-1542404907
Ebook n/a
Print $11.95
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About the Book:
Some people label the mysteries of the world “unexplainable” and move on. But what if there were an explanation for strange occurrences—a dangerously sinister one?

A Deadly Deal peels back the layers of the unsolved aspects of our world to reveal another realm existing alongside our own…a realm that uses our world to gain power and perpetrate evil. The Realm Runners have the stunning capability to move between one world and the next, taking what they need to keep their own realm in balance; each world is simply a chess piece on a grand board. As young Sophia and Solice fight to unearth the truth during this fearsome game, they suspect they may be pawns in a master plan.

Fast paced and thrilling, A Deadly Deal examines the ways good and innocent people can be drawn into the shadows of corruption yet still fight for what is right. Will Solice become yet another dark creature? Will he find the strength—alongside the brave Sophia—to end this treacherous game once and for all?

A Deadly Deal immerses you in a tangled fantasy world of dishonesty, suspense, and masterful creative vision.

My review:
An interesting concept from a debut author, A Deadly Deal catapults readers into a parallel reality where life is a game with all kinds of choices—or is it?

Never really sure of the era or setting, the reader is dropped into what could be a horrible nightmare for a young woman the day before her wedding, or a virtual visit to the netherworld. The young woman, Sophia, is informed she is the chosen one, given a horrible gift, and returned to a wedding day equally horrifying.

Alister Grim acts as a master of the inexplicable parallel realm, where Realm Runner capture and return prey at will—but who’s? Full of action, dragons, ghouls, things that go in and out of bodies let alone bump in the night, fire and smoke, A Deadly Deal is story in which the reader never feels as though he knows what’s coming next.

While fairly clean and with pretty good dialog and action, the author will continue to work on technique to avoid over-tell and repetition, despite the continual motion of the story. A typo on the back cover copy would have made me put it down without reading it, and luckily is something fixable immediately. I was given a review copy, and this genre is not normally something I would pick up. Recommended for readers who enjoy dark stories, gaming, evil and more evil, magic spells, and the like. I’m not sure about the audience, but I don’t think I’d give it to younger than highly read eighth graders or high schooler. Fast read.

About the author:

David Meier has had a lifelong fascination with stories, whether in the form of a book, movie, or song. He ultimately chose to try his hand at the craft of writing. A Deadly Deal is Meier’s first book.

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