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Empire in Pine - new novel from the Lumber Baron era

Naomi Musch loves stories rich in American history, but writes in several other genres as well. Her 2010 novella, Heart Not Taken, is a contemporary romance. Her Empire in Pine series is historical women's fiction set in 1800s Wisconsin. Book Two - The Red Fury is her newest release which follows Book One - The Green Veil. Naomi's aim is to surprise and entertain readers while telling stories about imperfect people who are finding hope and faith to overcome their struggles.

For that reason, besides her fiction writing, Naomi serves as a staff writer for the monthly Christian e-newspaper where she writes the true stories and personal testimonies of lives changed by Jesus Christ. Also passionate about homeschooling, she's written numerous articles for the homeschool community and mentors young authors through tutorials at . She has previously been a consulting editor for Port Yonder Press.
Naomi and her husband Jeff live on a ramshackle farm in the spectacular Wisconsin north woods. With five young adults living nearby or at home, life is full of peculiarities like courtships, loud music, muddy trucks, and general mayhem. She invites readers to say hello and find out more about her stories, passions, and other writing venues at or look her up on Facebook (Naomi Musch - Author) and Twitter (NMusch)
A Little Background to The Red Fury
My dad is a fly-fishing guide. He and my mom built a fly-fishing shop and resort in northern Wisconsin years ago, so my first introduction to the Peshtigo region was through pictures taken of them fishing on the Peshtigo River before I was born. As an adult, I became enthralled by the stories of the Great Peshtigo Fire which occurred the same night as the Chicago Fire but was many times larger and more devastating. Because of its remote location in northeast Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, most Americans still haven't heard of it. Thousands of lives were lost. This was an area full of immigrants, farmers, fire and brimstone preachers, railroaders, and lumberjacks. The fire took place on a night when the town was busting at the seams with the regular weekend carousers having come out of the woods to imbibe.
In my imagination, I wondered what would happen if I used that period and setting, and  introduced a young woman into the mix who was trying to run from the red fury of her own past while being torn by the affections of two brothers haunted by memories of the Civil War.
Here, let me introduce you.
Lainey, my protagonist, is something of a firebrand. In fact, as Jed Clark is breaking their engagement in the opening scene of the book, he tells her, "You're not the easiest girl to get along with. You don't ever listen to anybody." But the fact is Lainey has a pretty tender heart. It's only been scarred by the sudden death of the man she'd first given it to. She's tried moving on in the two years since, but Jed's the second man to scorn her since Bobby died.
So Lainey plans to bury her wounds by living life for the next thrill. If she's really the shrew she's been labeled to be, she figures she might as well stop caring what people think. She intends to go ahead and break the rules society holds dear. Still, that's hard to do in her home town where painful memories lie close at hand. So Lainey embarks on a journey of independence that eventually lands her in the brawling woods town of Peshtigo where she forges an adventurous companionship with Zane and Kelly Beaumont whose nightmares since the civil war have never let them return home. But living life on the edge causes a confusion of flames to spark inside the heart she once thought shattered beyond repair.

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