Wisconsin Authors

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Folami Abiado, poet, Milwaukee

Kathleen S. Abrams, Wausau, short fiction, poetry, Exploring Wisconsin

Stacey Abrams, aka Selena Montgomery, born in Madison, political nonfiction, romantic suspense

Silvia Acevedo, from the Milwaukee area, youth fiction

Judith Adrian, Madison, non-fiction

Ayad Ahktar, grew up in Milwaukee, contemporary playwright, novelist

Ellen Akins, lived in Cornucopia, fiction

Jo Bartels Alderson, Janesville

Pat Alea, Lake Geneva, poet

Tom Alesia, Madison, sports writing, biography

Alice Allan, historical novelist , lives in Colorado, Mrs. Ballou books

Bob Allen, Brookfield, children's books

Stephen E Ambrose (1936 - 2002) raised in Whitewater; historian, biographer

Beth Amos, pen name Annelise Ryan, Stoughton, cozy mysteries

Jerol Anderson, Cambridge, suspense novels

Stephen Anderson, Milwaukee, poet and translator

Malinda Andrews, Milwaukee, multi-genre fiction

A. Manette Ansay, raised in Port Washington, Florida; Vinegar Hill

Allan E Ansorge, Hartford, mysteries

Antler (Brad Burdick), Wauwaotosa, poet

Jerry Apps, multiple Wisconsin non-fiction, fiction

Susan Apps-Bodilly, Wisconsin non-fiction

John Armbruster, SW WI, biography, WWII 

AC Babbitt, Bloomer, Inspirational books

Susan Baganz Lodwick, contemporary romance and historical fiction, Fond du Lac

Elizabeth Balistreri, poet, Milwaukee

Mary Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, memoir, poetry

Deb Baker, (Hannah Reed), Hartland, mysteries

David M. Barker, Milwaukee, biblical nonfiction, Oh God, Why Man?

Erin Kant Barnard, Wild Rose, children's lit

Carrie Sue Barnes, Plymouth, historical fiction

Jim Bastian, Brookfield, Wisconsin Logging Camp, 1921

Barrett, Jean/Lee Rogers/Robert Rogers, contemporary and historical fiction, romance, Door County

Bradley P Beaulieu, Ravine, epic fantasy

Monette Bebow-Reinhard, Green Bay, fan fiction, historical fiction, horrow

Warren Beck (1896 - 1986) lived in Appleton

Tom Bekkers, MSW, APSW, and Gerald Schaefer, co-authors of The Widower’s Toolbox:
        Repairing Your Life After Losing Your Spouse

Margaret Benbow, Madison, chapbooks, short fiction

Sally Benforado (1924-2005), Madison, poetry, short fiction

Chloe Benjamin, Madison, literary fiction

Benson, Katryna, Milwaukee, Memoir/Biographical

Anson Berberich, Waukesha, writer and illustrator children's picture books

Sue Berg, Westby, local mystery series

Martha Bergland, Glendale, Wisconsin biographies

Elaine Bergstrom, Milwaukee, horror, fantasy

Susan Bernhardt, born in Sheboygan, lives in River Falls, Cozy Mysteries

Lois Bertolino, Madison, poetry

Ilsa Bick, Kohler, award-winner sci fi, mystery, horror

Rob Bignell, western WI, Hitting the Trail series

Rose Bingham, Reedsburg, memoir, poetry

Laura Anne Bird, middle grade, Madison

Jenny Blasisdell, Eau Claire, inspirational books

Scott B. Blanke, La Crosse, fantasy, sci fi, horror

Alex Bledsoe, little town famous for trolls, fantasy

Norbert Blei (19  - 2013), lived in Ellison Bay

Robert Bloch (1917 - 1994) raised in Milwaukee

Nadine Block, memoir, raised in rural NW WI

Debra Blum, Milwaukee, science nonfiction

Andrea Boeshaar, Newburg, contemporary and historical romance

D.L. Bogdan, (Destiny) Port Edwards, debut novel, Secrets of the Tudor Court

Gale Borger, Twin Lakes, screwball comedy mysteries

DL Boyles, Sparta, romance and fantasy

Blair Braverman, northern WI, outdoor life

Barbara M Britton, Brookfield, Christian fiction for teens and adults

Cassie Brown, Ojibwe Coloring Books

Donald J Brown, Amphibians and Reptiles of Wisconsin

Fredric Brown (1906 - 1972) lived in Milwaukee

Christa Bruhn, Madison, international studies

Paul Buhle, Madison, Comics in Wisconsin

Anthony Bukoski, Superior, short story collections

Cherie Burbach, Oosburg, poetry, contemporary non-fiction

Steve Busalacchi, contemporary biographies, non-fiction

Liam Callanan, Milwaukee, contemporary fiction

Ann Cameron, poet

James Campbell, born in Lodi, Wisconsin

r.r. campbell, Madison area, short fiction, science fiction

Alden Carter, born in Eau Claire, lives in Marshfield

Geoffrey Carter, Milwaukee, fiction/social action

Curt Casetta, West Bend area, children's lit

Matt Cashion, La Crosse, novelist, short stories, poems, essays

Frederic G. Cassidy (1907-2000), lived in Madison

Ramona K Cecil, Seymour, Christian fiction, historical fiction, verse

Christopher Chambers, Madison, short fiction

Lan Samantha Chang, Appleton native, fiction

Nick Chiarkas, Madison, crime fiction

Jennifer Chiaverinni, Madison, prolific women's fiction, quilting series, historical

Kelly Cherry, lived in Madison

Loius V. Clark III, Two Shoes, indigenous, chap work, nonfiction

Cathryn Cofell, Appleton

Arthur Cola, Burlington, novelist and playwright

M. Caren Connolly and Louis Wasserman, Wisconsin's Own: Twenty Remarkable Homes

Marshall Cook, teaches at UW-Madison

John Milton Cooper, Madison, Woodrow Wilson: A Biography, The Warrior and the Priest: Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt

Lyn Cote northern WI, romance

Mike Cowan, Fond du Lac, sports nonfiction

Adelaide Crapsey, poet

Bill Cristofferson, Milwaukee, The Man from Clear Lake (Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson)

Merle Curti (1897 - 1996) lived in Madison

Sara Dahmen, Grafton, children's fiction, romance

Paul Dail, upper great lakes, academic, women's fiction

Rev. Bev Davis, Madison, children's books

Ethel Mortenson Davis, Sturgeon Bay, poet 

Thomas Davis, Sturgeon Bay, poet

Richard Lee Dawley, author and researcher, The Amish in Wisconsin

DeFalla, Kat, aka, Kat Green, Watertown, paranormal, middle Grade
                           MadTown Author Daze

Roy Dentinger, Down Time and How To Argue With Your Spouse

August Derleth (1909 - 1971) born in Sauk City, nature

DeSmet, Christine, Madison, film, television, short stories, cozy mysteries

Bruce Dethlefsen, Westby, poet; former Wisconsin poet laureate

Lisl H. Detlefsen, Wsconsin Rapids, children's author

John Dettloff, Louie Spray stories, outdoor adventures, fishing

Lynne Diebel, Stoughton, environmemtal issues

Mark Dintenfass, Appleton, novelist

Jill Dobbe, non fiction travel

Linus Doll, Fond du Lac, reminiscence

Donnelly, James S, PhD, emeritus professor UWM, Irish history

Liisa Eyerly, Cornucopia, historical fiction

Frank Dravis, Stoddard, science fiction

Patty Drier, Stevens Point, nonfiction

Eastman, Krista, Reedsburg area, essays

Egan, Dan, Milwaukee, The Death and Life of the Great Lakes, nonfiction

Ehlert, Danielle, Arena, Step Into the Arena: A Patient's Perspective, recovery poety

Lois Ehlert, Beaver Dam, Milwaukee, illustrated Chica, Chica, Boom Boom; Caldecott winner for the Color Zoo

Professor Jordan Ellenberg, Madison, non-fiction

Mary Relindes Ellis, born in Glidden, children’s, Turtle Warrior

Mel Ellis (1912-1984), Waukesha, prolific award-winning young adult natural history

Mark Engels, Fond du Lac, science fiction and fantasy

Kathleen Ernst, Middleton, young adult, mysteries

Liisa Eyerly, Cornucopia, historical fiction

Angela Haste Favell (1851-1953), Superior, memoirist

Laura Hyler, Glendale, children's fiction

Edna Ferber (1885 - 1968) raised in Appleton; Pulitzer Prize winner for So Big; wrote Showboat

Chris Fink, Belot, short fiction

Jack Finney, Milwaukee, sci fi; Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Susan Firer, Milwaukee, poet

Rob Flanigan (Bert and L.N. Smith, pen names), Madison, literary fiction

Tim Fox, Cazenovia,children's fantasy

Steve Fox, Hudson, fiction

Karen Franco, Union Grove, childrens books, special needs advocate

Neil Gaiman, fantasy, fiction

Zona Gale (1874 - 1938) born in Portage

John Galligan, Madison, mystery writer, Red Sky, Red Dragonfly; The Nail Knot

Robert Gard (1910 - 1992) lived in Madison

Hamlin Garland (1860 - 1940) born in West Salem

Max Garland, poet, former poet laureate of WI

Ann Wertz Garvin, contemporary fiction, southeast WI

Leonard Gibbs

Maggie Ginsberg, Madison, journalist, fiction

S Lee Glick, horror, supernatural

Linda Godfrey, Haunted Wisconsin

Wendy Goerl, Shawano, craft books, fiction, non-fiction

Ann Marie Graf, Plymouth, romance

Barbara Graham, Green Bay area, journalism, psych thriller

Bobbi Graffunder, inspirational fiction

Doris Green, Spring Green, nonfiction, geology

Doris Greenberg, Franklin, fiction

Horace Gregory (1898 - 1982) born in Milwaukee

Michelle Griep, Wisconsin Rapids area, women's fiction, historical

Robb Grindstaff, rural WI, journalist, fiction

Hattie Tyng Griswold

Nicholas Gulig, Fort Atkinson, poet, WI poet laureate

John Gurda, Milwaukee, non-fiction, The Making of Milwaukee

Lisa Hainline, writer, illustrator, children's lit, book cover designer

Janet Halfmann, South Milwaukee, children's author

Pat Hall, Janesville, YA

Frances Hamerstrom (1907 - 1998) lived in Plainfield

Jane Hamilton, contemporary fiction, Rochester

Lori Handeland, romance

Richard C. Haney, Whitewater, When Is Daddy Coming Home?: An American Family During World War II

Kelly Harms, Madison, novelist

Shaun Harris, Reedsburg, action adventure humor

Karen Hartmann, Campbellsport, children's literature, Native American

Gwendolen Haste, poet (1889-1979) lived in Wisconsin

Richard Curtis Hauschild, The Ledge, a novel about Fond du Lac

Robert Haveman, Madison

Walter Havighurst (1901-1994) born in Appleton

David Haznaw, Watertown, nonfiction, creative nonfiction

Emily Hein, Jefferson, children's lit, Dusty the Dirty Horse

Keith Hellwig, Fond du Lac, true-life fictional crime

Sharon Darby Hendry, Lake Owens, northern Wisconsin, biographies, women's crime

Kevin Henkes, children's lit/art, Racine/Madison

Kerry Hertel, children’s, Tidy Tess

Ted Hertel, Mequon, mystery short stories, biographical essays, book reviews

William Best Hesseltine (1902 - 1963) lived in Appleton

Lisa Hewitt, Sheboygan, nonfiction and as L Maristatter, fantasy

John Hildebrand, Eau Claire

Michael Hinden and Betsy Draine, husband/wife writing team, Madison, mysteries

Veronica Hinke, Wausau, historical nonfiction

MA Hinkle, romance author

Martin Hintz

Dawn Hogue, poetry, fiction, nonfiction 

BJ Hollars, Eau Claire, Midwestern-themed stories of oddities and adventure

John Hollis, Young Reader, Children's adventure stories, Baraboo

Mary Holmes, pen name Maddy Hunter . . . Madison, cozy mysteries

Alice Honeywell and Bobbi Montgomery, authors of Across America by Bicycle

Victoria Houston, Rhinelander, Loon Lake mysteries

Stephenie Hovland, Portage, Christian children and family lit

Ginnah Howard, novel, Night Navigation

C. J. Hribal, a Hortonville native

Ellen Hunnicutt

Elgin L. Hushbeck, Jr., Christian apologetics

Karla Huston, poet

Lora Hyler, MG, Milwaukee

Justin Isherwood, Plover, Book of Plough: Essays on the Virtue of Farm, Family and the Rural Life; Farm Kid: Tales of Growing Up in Rural America; and Ring Them Bells: A Mid-State Poetry Towers Collection. Novel, The Farm West of Mars

Kathy J Jacobson, Monona, inspirational fiction

Terri Jacke, non fiction, leadership training

Robin Shope Jansen

Janet K Jenson, NW WI, writing as Janet Kay, fiction

Krystyn Jones, Madison, children's literature

Barbara Joosse, Cedarburg, children’s literature

James Jordan, Christian mysteries

Nancy Jorgensen and Elizabeth Jorgensen, Waukesha, nonfiction family memoir, music education

Raejean Kanter, Milwaukee, children's lit

Joshua M Kapfer, Amphibians and Reptiles of Wisconsin

Keleny, Christine, mysteries

George F. Kennan (1904 - 2005) raised in Milwaukee

Edmund Kern, Appleton

Elisha Keyes (1828-1910), prominent Madison attorney originally from Vermont, Reminiscent History of Lake Mills

David Kherdian, born in Racine

Thomas Wayne King, Solon Springs, non fiction

Darren Kirby, northwest Wisconsin, camping, short stories, mysteries

Kevin Kluesner, New Berlin, Crime
Anita Klumpers, aka The Prude, Cottage Grove, contemporary fiction. Winter Watch

Jim Knipfel, Green Bay, memoirist, Slackjaw columnist

Mike Koehler, poet, Little Chute

Erin Eitter Kono, The Twelve Days of Christmas in Wisconsin

George Koonce, Fond du Lac, former Green Bay Packer, memoir 

Ellen Kort, Menomonee, Appleton (d.2015), first Wisconsin Poet Laureate, 2000

Donna Kowalczyk, (Donna Marie Rogers), contemporary romance

Warren Kozak, biography

Christopher R. Knutson, fantasy 

Liz Kreger, romance

Briah Krueger, poetry, fiction

Karl Krueger, sci fi/fantasy

Sandra Kring, How High the Moon

Herbert Kubly (1915 - 1996) born in New Glarus

Faye Ellen Kufahl, Nutterville and Other True Stories of Coping with Mental Illness

Dawn Kunda, romantic and political thrillers

Tom Kupsch, A Mythic Obsession: The World of Dr. Evermor (bio of rural Baraboo sculpter Thomas Owen Every)

Dale Kushner, Madison 

Gunnard Landers, born in Tomahawk

Amy Laundrie, Wisconsin Dells, middle grade and YA adventure books

Aldo Leopold (1886 - 1948) lived in Madison, Sand County Almanac

Deb Lewis and Pat Ondarko, Ashland, murder mysteries

Ebony Lewis, Milwaukee, social psychology

Lisa Lickel, Hillsboro, mysteries, contemporary fiction

Sean Patrick Little, Sun Prairie, young adult, mysteries

Mike Loew, Madison, Editor of The Onion

Patty Loew, PhD, Prof. Dept. Life Sciences Communication, UW-Madison
Native People of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Historical Society Press
Indian Nations of Wisconsin, Histories of Endurance and Renewal
Native People of Wisconsin
Native People of Wisconsin Teachers Guide
Seventh Generation Earth Ethics
We Shall Remain (PBS documentary booklet)

Paul Lachlan MacKendrick (1914 - 1998) lived in Madison

Valerie Laken, fiction

LuAnn Larson, Campbellsport, contemporary fiction

Sarah Layden, originally from Wisconsin, short Midwestern fiction

Violet LeFleur (pseudonym), Cudahy, contemporary romance

Tim Lencki, non-fiction, Exercise One Day at a Time

Aldo Leopold, (1887-1948) central Wisconsin naturalist, Sand County Almanac

Nate Littlefield, Southern Waters Adventure series, Fox Valley area

Carrie Lofty, romance

Ben Logan, Viroqua (1920-2014), natural history, memoir

Stephanie Golightly Lowden, historical novels for young people

Kerri Lukasavitz, Young Adult, horses, Kettle Moraine area

Lise Lunge-Larsen, children's book, The Race of the Birkebeiners 

Tamara Lyon, (Schmidt) Edgerton, romance

Jo Ann Early Macken, children’s books

Deb Malesovich, Telemark local history

Barbara Manger, biography - Mary Nohl: Inside & Outside

Susan Manzke, Seymour, romance, YA, children's lit 

Eldon M Marple, Hayward Lakes region, local history, logging history

Andrew Maraniss, Madison

David Maraniss, Madison/Washington DC, journalist, biographer

Sarah Maraniss Vander Schaff, playwright, journalist

L Maristatter (pen name), Kenosha, faith-based dystopian

John E Marszalkowski, Milwaukee, humor

Mike Spiritfair Marty, Milwaukee, self-published existentialism

Peggy Prilaman Marxen, Middleton, memoir

Bill Mathis, Beloit, fiction; historical; LGBTQ family life; disability and family; family and mystery

Noah Mayne (Liam Janney illustrator), Portage, youth author

Jeff McAndrew, North Fond du Lac, nonfiction

Joseph McBride, born in Milwaukee, screenwriter and biographer of great figures in film history

Dennis McCann, Milwaukee area, non-fiction

Jeri McCormick, Madison, poet

Kelly McCullough, Dunn County, fantasy, sci fi

Jerry McGinley, Waunakee, mysteries

Marla McKenna, Wausau,  children's lit, inspirational encouragement

Debbie McKinney, non-fiction memoir, Bringing Hope: A Disaster Relief Journey

Karen McQuestion, contemporary fiction

Katie McKy, children’s, Pumpkin Town, It All Began with a Bean and Wolf Camp

David Meier, Fox Valley, children's fantasy/horror 

Becky Melby, Burlington, contemporary romance

Mike Mentzer, Fond du Lac, nonfiction

Christine Merrill, Hudson, historical romance

Katie Mettner, Eau Claire, romance

Edna Meudt (1906 - 1989) born in Wyoming Valley, poet, folklorist, historian, and raconteur

Brian Lee Miller, Oakfield, memoir

Pat Zietlow Miller, Madison, children's picture books

Laurel Mills, Neenah, poetry

Mel C. Miskimen, Memoir, non-fiction

Jacquelyn Mitchard, formerly of Madison, contemporary fiction, children’s lit

Marggie Moertl, writing as Marggie Hatala, Door County, spritualism, prayer

Janet Mohr, Appleton, children’s, Flight of Change, and Bird Feeder Book for Kids

Bobbi Montgomery and Alice Honeywell, authors of Across America by Bicycle

Lorrie Moore, Madison, novelist and short fiction

Jorge Vital de Brito Moreira, Appleton

Kyoko Mori, lived and taught briefly in DePere, novels, poetry, short fiction

Lucinda Oakland Morken, Hegg, (1906-1997), poetry, nonfiction

Gerald Morris, fiction

Hannah Morrissey, Milwaukee area, fiction

Helga Moser, Hillsboro, children's fiction

Jo Ann (Mueller) Wendt (d. 2015), originally from Oshkosh area, romance

John Muir (1838 - 1914) raised in Fox River Valley, one of America's greatest naturalists

Michelle Murray, Union Grove, poet, fantasy

Naomi Musch, North Range, historic and contemporary romance

Andrea Musher, Whitewater, poet

Meagan Myhren-Bennett,  poetry and short ficiton  

Melinda Myers, Milwaukee area, Wisconsin gardening and landscape

Jeff Nania, Madison area, mysteries, conservation articles

Victoria Rydberg-Nania, Madison area, nonfiction children's environmentalist

Lorine Niedecker (1903 - 1970) born in Fort Atkinson, noted poet, essayist, and short story

James Carl Nelson, The Remains of Company D

Joanne Nelson, Hartland, memoir

Erica Ruth Neubauer, Milwaukee, mysteries

Jessica Nelson North (1891 – 1988), (Sterling North’s sister), noted poet and novelist

Diane Nichols, Octonto, poetry, editor of literary journal

Lorine Niedecker (1903 – 1970), Fort Atkinson, poet

Linda Jane Niedfeldt, Fond du Lac, historical fiction 

Michael Norman

Sterling North (1906 - 1974) born in Edgerton, children's books

Adam Novey, A Logger's Journey

Elizabeth Novey, historical fiction

Alan Oberdeck, raised in WI, Lost in the Shadows: One Memory, Two Loves, and three volumes in the "deer/dear hunt" series

Pat Ondarko, Deb Lewis, and  murder mysteries

Keri J Olson, memoir, non-fiction, Baraboo

Erin Olver, Madison, nonfiction

Mike Orlock, Sturgeon Bay, poet

Born and raised in Superior, WI, Kelli Owen now lives in PA. She writes thrillers and horror, with thirteen titles to date, and contracts for five more. She’s attended countless writing conventions, participated on dozens of panels, and has spoken at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA regarding both her writing and the field in general.

Rex Owens, south central Wisconsin, contemporary Irish fiction

Elizabeth Harmatys Park, Burlington, poet

Jennifer C Parker, Madison, relationship, therapy

Marsha Parker, New Berlin, fiction

Carol L Paur, SE WI, Fiction, plays, film, YA fantasy, devotionals

Marianne Paust, (1908-1996), Richland Center, poet,

Angela J. Peckenpaugh, Whitewater, poetry, performance poetry

Michael Perry, New Auburn, rural non-fiction and fiction

Margot Peters ( - 2022), raised in Wausau, biographies

Jerry Peterson, Janesville, mystery writer

Manley Peterson, northern Wisconsin, nonfiction and YA

Nick Petrie, Whitefish Bay, action adventure

Patricia Curtis Pfitsch, southwestern Wisconsin

Larry W Phillips, Monroe, nonfiction, fiction, satire

Felix Pollak (1909 - 1987) lived in Madison, Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry founded in 1994

Dr . Suzanne Popke, Hartland, therapist, self help

Greta Lagro Potter (1894-1981), Superior, poet

Robert Potter, Hillsboro, non-fiction

Francis Paul Prucha, raised in River Falls

Peggy Race, Palmyra, animal stories for young readers and adults

Kent Raddatz, Stevens Point, YA and others, The Boy Who Dreamed, and nonfiction

Kristen Radtke, Green Bay, memoirst; Imagine Only Wanting This

LeAnn R. Ralph, non-fiction, Christmas In Dairyland

Edie Ramer, romance

Thomas Ramirez, Fond du Lac, memoir

Ellen Raskin, Milwaukee, illustrator, YA author, Newberry Award winner for the Westing Game

Charlie Otto Rasmussen, Chippewa Flowage, history and outdoor adventure

Rebecca Rassmussen, The Bird Sisters, ties to Spring Green

Sara Lindsay Rath, Manawa, poet, playwright

Arthur and Ursula Rathburn, Dane, No More Tears Left Behind

R Chris Reeder, Madison, YA fantasy

Brett Reetz, Baileys Harbor, horror, mystery

Amy Reichert, romance

Arthur Kevin Rein, Waterford, mysteries

Gregory L. Renz, Lake Mills, fiction, biography

Walter Rhein, Chippewa Falls, nonfiction sports

Steve Rhinelander, currently residingin Michigan, crime fiction

Liz Rhodebeck, poet

David Rhodes, (d. 2022), Valton, literary, also playwright

Joy Ribar, Montello, mysteries

Craig Rice (1908 - 1957) (Georgia Ann Randolph) raised in Fort Atkinson, mystery writer

Hazel Rice (Hazel Briggs) (1896-1994), Madison, fiction

John Ridley, raised in Mequon, tv writer, movie producer, Twelve Years a Slave, novelist

Jenna Rindo, Pickett, poet, essayist

James P. Roberts, Famous Wisconsin Authors, poet

Sheila Roberts, Milwaukee, fiction, essay

Dean Robbins, Madison, children's lit

Esther Johnson Robinson/pen name Nerissa McCanmore, Fond du Lac, fantasy 

Victoria Roder, mysteries, thrillers

Richard Roe, poet

Lee Rogers/Robert Rogers/Barrett, Jean/, contemporary and historical romance and mystery, Door County

Judith Rolfs, Lake Geneva, non-fiction, and fiction, Bullet in the Night

Robert Root, Waukesha, non-fiction

Lawrence Roy, northern Wisconsin, contemporary fiction

Lisa Ruffoloe,Madison, short fiction

Cynthia Ruchti, central Wisconsin, contemporary fiction

Kara Lynn Russell, central Wisconsin, inspirational fiction

Renee Ryan, Madison, romance

Jeannee Sacken, Milwaukee area, photojournalist, suspense fiction

Jessica Kawasuna Saiki (1938-2014), Watertown, fiction

Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick, photography books

Lucy Sanna, Madison, literary, mystery

Ronald N. Satz, Eau Claire, Native American history

Kay Saunders, Appleton, poetry

David Scidmore, Verona, epic fantasy

Howard Seaborne, crime/fantasy fiction, the Divisible Man series

Gerald Schaefer and Tom Bekkers, MSW, APSW, co-authors of The Widower’s Toolbox:
        Repairing Your Life After Losing Your Spouse

Gina Schampers, Seymour, nonfiction, It's OK Not to Cry

David Scheler, poet

Richard Schickel, Milwaukee, film critic and Hollywood biographer

Jim Schirott, Cable, local history

Eric Schlehlein, Hartland, Fantasy history

Jane A Schmidt, rural Vernon County, memoir, humor, Not a Perfect Fit

Wendy L. Schmidt, children's fairy tale book author, Appleton, The Fairy Tree

Anne Powers Schwartz (1913-1987), East Tory, fiction, romance

Laura Scott, romance

Roberta RE Sebenthal (1917-1979), Mount Horeb, fiction, poetry

Alice Sebold, contemporary fiction, born in Madison, Wisconsin; the Lovely Bones

Gertie H. Sennett, Milwaukee, poet

Padre' Shandley, New Berlin, fiction

Isabel Sharpe, romance

Janet Beeler Shaw, Ridgeway, poetry, fiction, American Girls fiction

Mary Shumway (1926-2000), Portage, poet

Larry Shue (1946 - 1985) lived in Milwaukee, playwright

Jeffrey Siemers, Fond du Lac, Native American nonfiction

Robert Silbernagel, Colorado, history

Sue Silvermarie, Milwaukee, poet

Mona Simpson, youth in Green Bay, novelist, Anywhere But Here; younger sister of Steve Jobs

Eli Singer, fishing lore, outdoor adventures

Patricia Skalka, Dave Cubiak mysteries, set in Door County

Clifford Simak (1904 - 1988) born in Millville, science fiction

Sheri Cooper Sinykin, Madison, children’s

Helen Catherine Snyder Smith, Janesville, poet

Maggie Smith, Milwaukee, women's fiction

Red Smith (1905 - 1982) born in Green Bay, sportswriter

Richard Smith, formerly of Madison, poetry and short stories

Karin A. Snider, Milwaukee, poet

Jeff Snowberger, Stevens Point, short fiction

Mark Snyder, Jefferson County area, humorous fiction

Terri Sorg, children's author

Scott Spoolman, science writer, Wisconsin State Parks natural history

Kathryn Springer, northern WI, romance

Steven Stack, Mount Horeplaywright, novelist

Judith Staponkus, eastern Wisconsin, family fiction

Peter Stark, non-fiction, The Last Empty Places

Jonathan Stefonek, Portage, children's fiction

Karl Stewart, Fond du Lac, YA, memoir

SW Strackbein, Jackson, si-fi fantasy

Deanna Strasse, Milwaukee area, contemporary playwright

Peter Straub, born in Milwaukee, horror and suspense

Janet Stretcher, poet

Anne Stubbe, Wausau, poet

Jill Stukenberg, Stevens Point, fiction

Kim Suhr, Genesse Depot, fiction, Red Oak Writing studio

Ingrid Swanberg, Madison, poet

Marilyn L. Taylor, Wisconsin Poet Laureate

Gladys Bagg Taber (1899 - 1980) raised in Appleton

Michail Takach, Milwaukee, LGBTQ

Barbara Techel, Elkhart Lake, children's books

Nancy Thayer, lived in Racine, fiction

Thorpe, Harold, The O'Shaughnessy Chronicles, historical fiction

Reuben Gold Thwaites (1853 - 1913) lived in Madison, specialized in Wisconsin history

David Tindell, Rice Lake, thrillers

John Toland (1912 - 2004) born in LaCrosse, who won the Pulitzer Prize for The Rising Sun

Trethewey, Jennifer, pen name of Jennifer Rupp, historical romance, Milwaukee area

Gina Trevino, Racine, fiction, afterlife

Frederick Jackson Turner (1861 - 1932) born in Portage, one of America's greatest historians

Two Shoes, Loius V. Clark III, indigenous, chap work, nonfiction

Stephen Vadakin, children's books

Jon David Vandenburg, West Allis, YA Sci Fi

Linda Vander heyden, children's books

Mary Vander Plas, Eagle River, children's books (debut 2023)

TE Vernier, driftless region, crime fiction

Janine Veto, Madison, memoir, fiction, poetry

Ilango Villoth, Madison, The Inconsistencies: A Comical Tragedy

Barbara Fitz Vroman (d 2012), Hancock, fiction, historical fiction

George Vukelich (1927 - 1965) wrote about hunting and fishing in Wisconsin, Fisherman's Beach

KM (Kathleen) Waldvogel, northern WI, mid-grade, children's books

Ronald Wallace, Madison, poet

Phyllis Walsh, Greendale, founder of Hummingbird magazine of poetry

Phyllis Walsh, Richland Center, nonfiction, poetry

Ken and Barb Wardius, (photographer/authors) Wisconsin Lighthouses

Cindy Warner, bus. exec, business education leadership

Dale Wasserman (1914 – 2008) Playwright (Man of La Mancha, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)

Louis Wasserman, M. Caren Connolly, Wisconsin's Own: Twenty Remarkable Homes

Larry Watson, Stevens Point, a poet and novelist, deals with life on the western plains

Kristin Wegner, PhD, early childhood books

Margaret Weis, Lake Geneva, fantasy, role-playing games

Viola Wendt (d. 2004), Waukesha, poet

Glenway Wescott (1901 - 1987) born in Kewaskum, a poet, novelist, and critic

Cetonia Weston-Ray, Milwaukee, Black Authors Coalition

Roberta Hill Whiteman, Eau Claire, poet

Linda Wichman, historical fiction, fan fiction

Barry Wightman, Milwaukee area, contemporary fiction

Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957), born near Pepin, Little House books, pamphlets

Thornton Wilder (1897 - 1975), born in Madison, won two Pulitzers; newspaper editor, novelist, playwright

Bob Willging, non-fiction, On the Hunt: The History of Deer Hunting in Wisconsin

David Michael Williams, Fond du Lac, science fiction, fantasy

Mary Joy Johnson and Peggy Williams, they write under the pen name W.J. Williams . . . Madison, mysteries

Jevenna Willow, romance, fantasy

Steve Wilton, rural central Wisconsin, fantasy

Wendy Wimmer, Green Bay, short fiction

Sister Madeleva Wolff

Tony Wons, (d, ) writer and radio personality, author of best-selling Tony’s Scrap Book

Betty Ren Wright, Racine, ghost tales and mysteries

Doris T. Wight, Madison, poet, short fiction

Steven Wright, attorney, professor UW-Madison, thrillers

David Wroblewski, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Victoria Glenn Yates, Janesville, poet

Patrick Young, children's book, Old Abe, Eagle Hero: The Civil War’s Most Famous Mascot 

Jane Yunker, NW Wisconsin, poetry, historical fiction

Marya Zaturenska, Madison, poet

Christina Zawadiwsky, Milwaukee, poet

Amanda Zieba, western Wisconsin, children's, inspirational fiction

Jim Zitzelsberger, fiction, Cry for the Water Buffalo

Rebecca Zornow, Fox Cities area, spec fiction