Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Wisconsin Women Leaders Conference June 6


A. THE YEARLY KICKOFF MEETING (speakers below) will be a little longer than the rest of the monthly web meetings to pack in multiple speakers and again will also be recorded for viewing at your convenience.

Date: 6/6/2022 at 9 am until 2:30 pm (also recorded for watching later). Speakers/agenda:

9:00 am - Arrival, Check-in, Welcome.

9:20 am - Opening Introduction.
by Marianne Huskey, Chief Operations Officer: Valley Building Systems, Emcee, Milwaukee Women Leaders.

9:30 am - Keynote: Finding Your Purpose.
by Nicki Vo, Director at Rustoleum.

10:00 am - Keynote: Silencing Self Doubt and Overcoming Impostor Syndrome.
by Brooke Van Asten, Director at Acuity.

10:30 am - Break.

10:45 am - Panel: Achieving Optimal Work/Life Balance.
by Laura Scherer, Director at GE Healthcare (Milwaukee), Susan Hjelsand, Director at National Kidney Foundation (Milwaukee), Patricia Smigla, Vice President at U.S. Bnk (Milwaukee), Addie Gerritts, Vice President at Continuus Technologies, and Sitara Unni, Senior Director at GE Healthcare.

11:30am – Keynote – Emotional Intelligence
By Melissa Henning, Senior Talent Management at Rev Group

12:00 pm - Lunch.

1:00 pm - Keynote: Driving Culture and Strategy.
by Amy Schubert, Vice President at BMO Welth Management.

1:30 pm - Keynote: Leadership in a Male Dominated Workplace.
by Marianne Huskey, Chief Operations Officer at Valley Building Systems.

2:15 pm - Closing remarks.
by Marianne Huskey, Chief Operations Officer: Valley Building Systems, Emcee, Milwaukee Women Leaders.

2:30 pm - Event closure.

Please mark these future monthly web dates from 2-3 pm for an hour each (again all recorded for you to watch at your convenience as well):

- 6/6/2022. Jul.11, Aug.8, Sep.12, Oct.10, Nov.14, Dec.12, 2022.
2023: Jan 9, Feb 13, Mar 13, Apr 10, May 8, June 12, July 10, Aug 7, Sep 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11.
(featuring top women leaders from Southwest Airlines, Symantec, Vanderbilt, Cox, Microsoft, and many more).

You will find past meetings recorded (also completion certificates if you track your development hours), upcoming dates, key articles, book summaries, mentoring resources and more by logging in and your registration includes a full year's access.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Write Now literary tour and giveaway with Chanelle Coleman



Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a one-month book tour and book giveaway for Naked & Not Ashamed: The Transformational Devotional Experience by Chanelle Coleman. The book tour will run May 2- 27, 2022. 

ISBN: 979-8985407600
Genre: Spiritual



Chanelle Coleman Wesley is a native of Milwaukee Wisconsin. She is the creative powerhouse of CeCi’s Ink, an innovative storytelling company that conveys stories through poetry, books, playwrights, blogs, fashion, and motivational speaking. Chanelle is significantly inspired by her late mother’s, Brenda J. Coleman, penchant for prolific storytelling and developing a strong sense of faith. As a survivor of abuse, Wesley believes in passing on the communication skills she developed to cope in those environments. She is also an accomplished playwright with her latest project, a gospel stage play entitled The Beautiful Truth About an Ugly Lie to be released soon. She strives to empower individuals who have lost their ability to advocate for themselves by challenging them to recognize the power of their voice. Her greatest accomplishment, however, forever remains becoming a mother to her six beautiful children and “GiGi” to her two adorable grandchildren.

Naked & Not Ashamed is a transparent conversation between Sisters. One that allows both the writer and reader to expose themselves without fear or sense of condemnation. It’s a journey towards healing that allows us to dialogue without masks, charades, or pretense. We explore familiar stories of women in the Bible. These powerful narratives of trial, triumph, failures, and flaws show the resiliency, redemptive and transformative power of encountering Christ. I also reveal personal experiences of my own Christian walk with all its ups, downs, twists, and turns. But the most amazing part of these chronicles is you! Right now, you are writing your story. Are you living with pain, grief, and regret that needs to be released? This book is designed to help you see your own undeniably powerful narrative. I want to challenge you to see the hand of God in your life and urge you to find the ability to tell your story. We accomplish this through journal prompts, activities, prayer, etc.

Tony instantly began screaming and yelling. I continued to bite down harder. I continued biting and grinding my teeth until I couldn’t bite anymore. I let go. He fell back onto the bed. I jumped up out of the bed, my heart was pounding, terrified I opened the door, and I was met with darkness. Hurriedly I ran out past the dining room, through the hallway to the kitchen. Panicked, I reached the back door. I began pulling on the door, but it was locked. Fear seized me as I began fumbling with the knob trying to unlock the door. The latch finally twisted up and I raced up the back-hallway stairs. At last, there was light. I ran as fast as I could through the open kitchen door. The light continued to welcome me as I forged ahead running through the hallway past the bathroom and my aunt’s and grandparent’s bedrooms, the dining-room and into the living room to the couch where my grandmother was sitting. I distinctly remember her shocked expression as I pounded towards her as she sat there speechless, on the couch holding my baby brother. I felt relieved and a sense of security momentarily came over me until my grandmother spoke. She stared at me, with her mouth opened in shock. She screamed, “Chanelle, you’re naked! Where are your clothes?” Momentarily, I had forgotten that I was naked, but the awful realization of my nakedness began to cover me like a garment. It was the evidence of my pain, humiliation, and fear. I stood there breathlessly as I gasped, painting for air, naked and ashamed, I told her my story. 



Enter the giveaway

10 E-books and One paperback

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Tour organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours


Friday, April 15, 2022

Seeking Truth with Elgin Husbeck


Seeking Truth: How to move from partisan bickering to building consensus
Elgin L. Hushbeck, Jr.

Inspirational, Epistemology, 292 pp
April 26, 2022, Energion Publications, Gonzalez, FL
ebook $8.99
Print paper $24.99
Buy on Amazon

About the Book:

We live in a world that is not governed by Truth. Disagreements surround us. Recent Presidential elections are hotly contested and won by the narrowest of margins. Charges of misinformation, fake news, and bias abound. Everyone claims they are correct; they have the Truth.

Seeking Truth looks at both the philosophical and practical issues of Truth to understand how we come to know what we know and why we disagree so much. More importantly, it lays out how we can disagree in ways that avoid division and polarization and instead move to build a consensus on the Truth.

Seeking Truth addresses things like how to think about what you believe, how to handle disagreement and errors positively, how do you know if you are open-minded, and how to make better decisions.

Seeking Truth uses a lot of examples to make this case. To avoid current disputes, most are drawn from history, as people in various times and settings sought to understand how nature works, what happened in a particular event, or what is the best way to proceed or govern ourselves. Science, history, politics, business, all of these areas involve Truth in one way or another.

Get Seeking Truth to become a better thinker, a more critical thinker, and one who moves closer to the Truth.

My Review:

Using examples from our past in science and philosophy, politics, and communication, Hushbeck sets out to show us a more perfect way to disagree while not having to be of the same mind in his compelling book, Seeking Truth. It’s a big topic and timely as the world has become more polarized in action and reaction. Hushbeck’s approach to guiding readers on this journey out of the pit of partisanship is a thoughtful, pedagogical study of applying critical thinking to distill “absolute, objective truth.”

The book is not terribly long but well detailed and covers considerable ground from the antiquities to recent US polls of opinion. The book is divided into three main parts with digestible chunks: one – a study of history to set the table for establishing truth; two – how disagreement and error shape society and understanding; and three – a reasonable guideline for purposeful discussion. It’s not an easy read, but honest and forthright and best of all, sensible and objective.

I appreciate the examples from science and history about how theories of elements, disease, and energy have evolved as the methods of testing improved; how the Lincoln-Douglass debates of the mid-nineteenth century US show that complexities of context shape public opinion, echoing down through the generations.

Moving beyond bickering can only happen when people are willing. “Reason does not work on those who embrace irrationality,” Hushbeck points out. “For some, truth is just a power structure, a tool for oppressors to use on the oppressed.”

Offering plenty of advice for defining and refining disagreements and errors and avoiding repression and censorship, Seeking Truth is not an answer, but a process. Reaching a common goal is a commitment, a constant testing of theory and practice, and keeping communication open. “Hopefully, if a side consistently loses because of bad arguments, they will seek to develop better ones. As a result, the level of discussion will improve.”

We are fallible, Hushbeck concludes, but learning better arguments “can only improve the process of seeking and bringing us all closer to the truth.”

 Recommended for readers interested in learning more about applying and practicing critical thinking.


About the Author:
Elgin L. Hushbeck Jr. has been many things over his life, author, hardware engineer, software developer, manager, small business owner, educator, lecturer, and family man. He wears many hats, but there is a common thread throughout. Mr. Hushbeck has been an Evangelical Christian for over 40 years.

Mr. Hushbeck's background includes academic studies in religion, history, and engineering, culminating with a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, and Master's degrees in both Christian Apologetics and an MBA/Technology Management. As an engineer, he worked for several engineering and technology firms, including five years at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. There he was part of a team developing a high accuracy GPS receiver. He was also part of the Voyager Flight Team for the encounter with the planet Neptune. His wife Hanna also has dual Master's degrees, one in Nursing with an emphasis in Informatics, and the other in Applied Computer Science. From 1999-2007 they owned their own company, which designed and developed databases and custom software applications for small businesses.

Mr. Hushbeck has taught at the University of Phoenix, and most recently for Rassmussen College. He has taught, among other things, classes in Information Technology, Computers Science, and Business. He also taught critical thinking both to students and to other faculty. http://www.hushbeck.com

Friday, April 8, 2022

New YA Adventure from Amy Laundrie


Stranded on Castaway Island
by Amy Laundrie

YA Adventure, 262 pp

HenschelHaus Books, April 2022
Electronic $8.95
Print $14.95


About the Book
Ex-best friends Annie and Mirra are shipwrecked and must try to survive on a remote island near Nova Scotia inhabited only by wild horses—or that’s what the fourteen-year-old girls think at first. Then they discover warm embers and strange footprints.

About the Author
Amy Laundrie taught elementary school for over thirty years. She loved sharing her love of nature with her students and incubated chickens, quail, ducks, and geese with them in the spring. Her latest book, FOLLOW ME INTO THE WOODS, is a nature picture book and the first in a series. NOAH'S ARK PET CARE CLUB is a fun story about three kids who pet-sit. Amy’s also the author of WHINNY OF THE WILD HORSES, and the Kayla Montgomery mystery series for older readers. EYE OF TRUTH, THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER, DELIVER US FROM EVIL, LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION, and WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING include suspense, light romance, and horses. Visit her at www.laundrie.com.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022


For Immediate Release

April 6, 2022

 Creative Wisconsin magazine is back!

The storied magazine returns as an on-line periodical is open for submission.

In 2022 we will publish and email two editions, one on or about June 1, and the Wisconsin Writers Association Jade Ring contest winners and placers edition on or about September 1.

We invite writers who are members of any writing organization to submit. Please include a 2-sentence bio with each submission. Attach your Word doc or docx, or paste your submission in the body of your email. Please send material via email to submit@wiwrite.org before or by May 1, 2022 for publication in the June 1, 2022 edition. For the full guidelines, please see the website page. http://wiwrite.org/wwapress/creative-wisconsin-magazine

Creative Wisconsin is about and for you.

What we are looking for: Previously unpublished (posted once on a blog or your own website is not considered previously published):

·       Poetry (up to about 25 lines, please; ask about longer pieces)

·       Short fiction – up to 2,000 words

·       Book reviews – up to 500 words

·       Essays/Advice/How to/Filler anecdotes – up to 1,500 words

·       Interviews – up to 1,500 words

·       Artwork/photography (must be able to submit hi res work) Art to feature for the covers are most welcome.

·       News of your publication or contest wins or interviews or intriguing blogs

Submissions and questions to submit@wiwrite.org

If you don’t hear back, I probably didn’t receive your message, so send again. Acceptances and further instructions will be sent later.

Lisa Lickel, editor

Alternate email: lisalickel@yahoo.com

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Wisconsin Writers Connect event April 14 2022

Wisconsin Writers Connect
Hear from Great Authors—Support Student Writers

Come out to hear Wisconsin authors read from their works during this special evening with renowned authors Matt Cashion and Jeff Snowbarger. We’ll also celebrate the winners of our student writing contest, Write on the Money.
Refreshments provided.

Date: Thursday, April 14, 2022
Start Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Stevens Point Campus – CER 635

Author Presentations – Matt Cashion and Jeff Snowbarger
Matt Cashion will read from his last novel, Our 13th Divorce, winner of the Edna Ferber Book Prize from the Council of Wisconsin Writers. Jeff Snowbarger will read from his work 
exploring American myth.

Student Awards
After reading, the writers will present the student winners of Mid-State's Write on the Money Contest with their awards. The student winners will also have the opportunity to read from their winning entries. Winners and finalists who have agreed to publication of their entries will be showcased in a digital magazine to be shared with the Mid-State student body and used in Mid-State writing classes.

Author Bios

Matt Cashion

Matt Cashion is a professor of creative writing at UW–La Crosse. The author of three books, his novel Our Thirteenth Divorce won the 2017 Edna Ferber Book Prize, and his story collection, Last Words of the Holy Ghost, won the 2015 Katherine Anne Porter Prize. Other work has appeared in The Sun, Willow Springs, Grist: A Journal for Writers, Carolina Quarterly, Cutleaf, Moon City Review, Passages North, storySouth, The Writer’s Chronicle, and elsewhere. Born in the North Carolina mountains and raised in coastal Georgia, he earned an MFA from the University of Oregon and has also worked as a journalist, bartender, piano mover, and third-shift convenience store clerk. Since 2006, he has enjoyed hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, and running through the beautiful Driftless region of western Wisconsin.

Jeff Snowbarger

Jeff Snowbarger was featured in Tin House as their New Voice in Fiction, and Best American Short Stories 2010 declared his story “Bitter Fruit” one of the year’s notable publications. He has recently published in Slate Magazine. He is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop where he received the Truman Capote Fellowship and served as a distinguished Post-Grad Teaching Fellow. At UW–Stevens Point he teaches advanced fiction, intro to creative writing, and freshman and sophomore English.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Leading with Clarity Connection and Courage by Cindy Warner


Leading with Clarity, Connection and Courage: The Secret to Whole Leadership
Cindy Warner
Nonfiction, Education leadership
July, 2020
108 pp.
Ebook $9.99
Print $19.99
Buy from the author, Amazon
About the Book
Ignite your potential by using all of your intelligence! Whole leaders are not only more effective, they lead happier, healthier and more authentic lives. Executive coach and leadership expert Cindy Warner shares the science of our “three brains” and provides easy-to-use tools to increase productivity, optimize emotions and relationships, and take decisive action. With inspiring “Horse Wisdom” stories from her work in Equine Assisted Coaching, Warner shows how to combine business sense with the “heart intelligence” of empathy and intuition, and the courage of conviction and action that separates exceptional leaders from the good ones. Pragmatic and inspiring, with tools that build self-awareness and actionable development strategies, this book can ignite your authentic wisdom and intelligence to increase your leadership “horsepower” forever. It will improve not only how you lead, but how you live.
A brief interview with the author
Cindy, what do you love about this book? 
It is based on solid research, it is entertaining, and it provides information to help us lead more enriched, empowered, impactful lives.
Tell us about your motivation for writing it.
Leadership needs to engage our thought, emotion and action. Most people have a bias towards using one of these. The best leaders balance all three. This book gives practical ways to use all of our intelligence and abilities to lead with more authenticity and effectiveness. It is written for leaders, but anyone benefits from the knowledge and wisdom this book offers.
What do you hope readers will tell others about it?
The book inspired and empowered them to use more of their natural intelligence and gifts to be happier and more effective in everything they do. 
What's next for you?
I continue to bring more “Horse Wisdom” to leaders around the world. Perhaps a second book in the future! 
Anything else you'd like to share?
Check out my Horse Wisdom Blog, and my posts on Facebook and LinkedIn for up-to-the-minute ideas and inspiration!

About Cindy
Cindy Warner is the author of the best-selling book Leading with Clarity, Connection, and Courage: The Secret to Whole Leadership. She is a highly sought-after executive coach and leadership development expert who ignites leadership potential and helps leaders build more engaged, empowered, and nimble organizational cultures.
With over 25 years of experience bringing world-class leadership development programs, talent management processes, and organizational development results, Cindy has coached hundreds of leaders and teams across the globe in multiple organizations and industries, including Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Emerson Electric, Tectronic Industries, and more. She is an adjunct professor at Moraine Park Technical College and has been president and owner of Professional Executive Coaching, LLC for over 15 years.
Best known for her authentic and empowering style that ignites potential, optimizes individual strengths, and overcomes barriers with efficiency and fun, Cindy delivers results through focused, productive coaching and experiential learning, often partnering with horses to jump-start insight and learning agility. Clients report exceptional results in leading with higher authenticity, self-awareness and confidence.
Cindy has a Master of Science in Human Resources from Marquette University, and is a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation. Her expertise in leadership development and executive coaching was developed her entire professional career in human resources, supported by multiple credentials in leadership program design and facilitation, organizational development, and talent management. Cindy recently integrated her passion for horses into her work to continue bringing best practice learning and life-changing emotional intelligence to leaders around the globe.