Monday, January 14, 2013

Ron Rindo teaches POV January 26

So what is point of view anyway?

WAUKESHA – Many fiction writers puzzle over point of view. Whose head should we be in? Should we be in first, second or third person? The decision affects your entire story. Author Ron Rindo comes to Waukesha on January 26, 2013, to explain it all in “The Crucial Point of Point of View,” an AllWriters’ Celebrity Saturday event. The class will run from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and has a fee of $85, which includes lunch.

Writers labor over opening sentences, plot, conflict, setting, figurative language, carefully crafted sentences, and resonant endings, and yet, point of view is the story. Choose poorly there, and there is no story worth telling, no matter how carefully one writes and revises everything else. If a story is made of cloth, point of view is the thread, inextricable from the whole and yet seemingly invisible. Point of view (which must include some discussion of character) will be the focus in this class session—how it works, why it works, which choices are best, and why. We’ll spend some time examining and discussing examples of the many different options and then we’ll complete several engaging exercises that provide you with hands-on opportunities to explore the strengths and weaknesses of several of these options in your own writing. By the end of this class session, you will know far more than you thought possible about point of view, one of
the most crucial elements in a fiction writer’s toolbox.

RON RINDO has published three award-winning short story collections, most recently Love in an Expanding Universe (New Rivers Press, 2005) and nearly two dozen short stories and essays in journals and magazines. His 2009 essay, “Gyromancy,” appeared in The Gettysburg Review and was reprinted in The Best American Essays, 2010. Two recent short stories, “The Return of Migrating Birds” and “Horses,” can be read on-line at and A 1981 graduate of Carroll College, Ron is a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh. He lives on a hobby farm in Pickett, Wisconsin, where he and his wife and family keep a small orchard and raise chickens and Shetland sheep.

To register for this class, call 262-446-0284 or go to and click on Celebrity Saturdays.

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