Saturday, May 4, 2013

Last Minute Opening at the Clearing for retreat in May

Judy Bridges says: I have some room I rarely have. It's the "Writers' Wellspring," May 19-25. If you happen to know anyone who'd be interested, perhaps you could pass the word. It's a great opportunity for someone who really wants to get better at writing. Here's a class description:


Class #8

Writers’ Wellspring

Judy Bridges

May 19 - May 25

If you ever wished for the perfect opportunity to explore your love for writing, this is it. Whether you want to write family stories, personal essays, short stories, nonfiction, plays or novels, you will appreciate having the support of an experienced coach and a group of like-minded friends. Designed for beginning to intermediate writers, Writers' Wellspring is the perfect blend of time, space and inspiration.

Time… A full week for you to dress casually, sleep 'til the bell rings and show up just in time for meals. Learn more about writing in the morning, write in the afternoon and read, write or hang out by the fire in the evening.

Space… Log cabins. Wooded trails. A shimmering lake. More stars than some people see in a lifetime—every one of them twinkling. "Do you want to write? Do it! Do it! Do it!"

Inspiration… Breathe in the good energy of every writer, every artist, every interesting person who has ever visited The Clearing. Read the books in the Lodge. Sit in the Cliffhouse and listen to the words in the waves.

Craft coaching includes character development, scene visualization, point-of-view, lively writing and a primer on various methods of publication. Judy is committed to helping you make progress on the path you choose.

Judy Bridges is the author of Shut Up & Write! and the founder of Redbird Studio writing center in Milwaukee. Prior to founding the studio, she earned her living writing articles, short stories, plays and corporate communications. She holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in creative writing and adult education. Her next book will be a collection of family stories titled, You Drive, You're too Drunk to Sing.

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