Sunday, April 6, 2014

Awesome Dayhikers Companion

Headin’ to the Cabin, Day Hiking Trails of Northwest Wisconsin
by Rob Bignell

Atiswinic Press
April 2013
ISBN: 978 0985873967
9.95 pbook
1.99 ebook

About the Book:
Whether you own a cottage that you visit on weekends or rent one for a week-long vacation, “headin’ to the cabin” is more than a time-honored tradition among Midwesterners. Simply put, it’s part of who we are. And what better way to experience all that “up north” has to offer than through a day hike? Headin’ to the Cabin: Day Hiking Trails of Northwestern Wisconsin, is an indispensable guide to anyone who owns or rents a cabin on or near the St. Croix River, Lake Superior and all points between, describing trails in Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, Polk, St. Croix, Sawyer and Washburn counties.

My review
Headin’ to the Cabin is one of several day hiking guides the author has published, not only in Wisconsin. This is a great guide especially for unexperienced hiker, or for those who are used to hiking with small children. The first few chapters are relegated to what to expect and how to prepare. Bignell explains why he has no maps in his books, and he’s absolutely right. Hikers need to do some preparing on their own, and printing out the most current and up to date maps from either his site or an official site dedicated to the trail or portion of the trail you intend to take is the best. The rest of the book gives great information about trails, trailheads, directions and what hikers might experience on the trails. Included are a few nearby trails as well. I’ve been on a few of the hikes he’s mentioned, and plan to do more especially on the Gandy Dancer, after reading this guide. Look for more of them by this author as well, from Grand Canyon to specific local Wisconsin trails to special trips and activities to do with youngsters.

About the author:
ROB BIGNELL is an avid hiker, long-time editor, and Wisconsin native who’s been day hiking with his son for more than five years. Together they’ve scaled summits almost two miles high, crossed America’s driest deserts, and walked beneath trees soaring 15 stories over their heads.

He is the owner and chief editor at Inventing Reality Editing Service, which meets the editing and proofreading needs of writers both new and published. He is author of the nonfiction Hikes with Tykes guidebooks as well as a collection of poetry, Love Letters to Sophie's Mom. Several of his short stories in the literary and science fiction genres also have been published. For more than two decades, he worked as an award-winning journalist, with half of those years spent as an editor. In addition, for seven years he worked as an English teacher or a community college journalism instructor. He holds a Masters degree in English and a Bachelors in journalism and English.

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