Saturday, May 10, 2014

Review of Inked by Dawn Kunda

Inked by Dawn Kunda
January 2014
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BookStrand Romantic Mainstream Suspense

About the Book: 
Guns and sex make Mary go round... CIA agent Mary Reiss whirls with anxiety as she's teamed with the man of her nightmares. She doesn't need a man. She only needs her job. CIA agent Cal Guevin nearly got her killed, and she doesn't want that option repeated. Cal remembers the gunshot. He remembers the burning kiss. They were both perfect. The shot was meant to kill, yet he interfered and Mary lived. The kiss...the kiss left them to hide behind their badges until now. Apprehension builds as he needs to trust himself to save Mary again. Agents Guevin and Reiss lead an operation in Cairo to infiltrate terrorists. The imminent danger reignites their fiery past, yet they have difficulty understanding each other's idea of romance as they attempt to outmaneuver the deadly terrorists and double agents. With their identities leaked, they debate who to trust. Should they trust each other? Can they?

My review:
Whew—lots of action and sizzling romance in foreign places, not to mention nuclear weapons and gun-runners and informants and back-stabbing…

Agent Mary Reiss protests when she’s put on a mission to Cairo with her nemesis, an operative she’d worked with on a former mission. This one was supposed to be easy—get into the bad guy’s compound and get one little piece of intel. The other team that’s been in place would do the rest. Only the mission goes badly wrong right from the start. Mary is branded right off the bat—the inked from the title—as the property of Roman Chenzira, and that’s only the start of her struggle to stay alive…and in control. Her mission partner, Cal Guevin, isn’t making things easier. They not only have to figure out how to extricate themselves from a double-cross, but fight their feelings.

For those who love action-packed, wild romance in exotic settings, Inked won’t disappoint. Lovely twist at the end.

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