Thursday, June 12, 2014

Book Review: Positive Paradigm Change Handbook

Positive Paradigm Handbook
Patricia E. West, PhD

2014 +A Positive Action Press
Muscoda, WI

ISBN 978-1495470325
15.95 paperback
5.99 e-book
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My review:
Using a Wheel of Change model to promote self-discovery and positive change, the author proposes readers can develop a personal plan of improvement. “Some things Change. Others never do. Knowing the difference between absolutes and ephemerals is matter of life and death.” Pg 37

At the heart, this handbook is an intellectual guide to survival of the species. Axiom five states: History is Neither Progressive or Linear, Nor can human survival be taken for granted. West says (pg 38) “Those who love life and take human survival to heart have passed the basics of how the world really works on to those with hears to hear. In contrast, others hoard this knowledge as if to prospect themselves at others’ expense. They deny or even ridicule it, keeping perceived enemies “in the dark” to prevent their success.”

Parts 1 and 2 of roughly fifty pages defines the need to change; from the individual change to positivity that affects the universe, “the one manageable unit is the one closest to home: yourself” as “Unity is accomplished through personal effort, one person at a time” because “global unity through world organizations” are unnatural. There is some basis for this thought, as anyone can see how diverse cultures all seek to establish a global platform based perceived success.

Part 3 describes dysfunctional paradigms, “being aware of current beliefs and recognizing that they’ve created a place you’d like to leave.” (pg 55) People create lifestyle choices to suit themselves at any given time, and West says these “distortions” have negative consequences for mental health which, spiraling outwardly, affect society.

Part 4 shows how West’s Wheel of Change model can be employed individually. Using examples, and a series of self-examining questions and answers, readers are shown how to fill out and develop a personal Wheel, which leads to accomplishing various goals to bring life into a healthy harmony.

Part 5, Make Yourself Whole, shows how the Wheel works, giving readers instructions and thought-provoking questions to work on.

Wrapping up in Part 6, West shares her story.

For those who like lots of charts and diagrams, clearly designed and reasonable axioms and corollaries, West’s Wheel of Change in the Positive Paradigm Handbook is an intriguing tool for self-examination.

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