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Nicolette Pierce's The Big Blind review

The Big Blind 
Nicolette Pierce

Nadia Wolf mystery series, book #1
May 9, 2013

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From the publisher: 
Nadia Wolf had one wish, and it wasn’t for the latest designer purse, fashion-forward clothing, or even a handsome man to marry . . . although, that would be acceptable too. Her wish was to win the World Series of Poker tournament and collect the one million dollar prize, beating the arrogant men who make her professional poker career a daily challenge. 

The odds were stacked against her when sexy poker celebrity Caleb Usher sat down at her table. As they pin their battles against each other, a steamy side wager drew them both in and gave them an even greater reason to fight for the championship. It only took one hand to make tournament history and leave them both hot under the collar. But before they could settle their spicy wager, the million dollar prize disappeared in front of an audience. Not one witness could explain what happened or where the money disappeared to.

Greyson Miller CEO of the Lost City Casino had a mystery to solve. Not only did a thief steal the million dollars from under his watchful eyes, but a secret swelled so large it threatened the very core of the casino. In a twist of fate, Nadia teams up with Greyson in an attempt to find the missing prize and to solve the perilous mystery that plagued the Lost City Casino. With Greyson’s overwhelming allure, Nadia has to keep both her head in the game and her hands to herself.

Will she be able unravel the mystery and find the lost prize money while keeping both Greyson and Caleb at bay? Can she fend off her fanatical self-appointed poker manager Frankie Garza before he flushes her career down the toilet in offbeat attempts to make her famous? With Caleb, Greyson, and Frankie all claiming a stake; Nadia’s career, her life, and her heart will never be the same again.

My review:
Meeting Nadia and her crazy compadres was a hoot – so much so, that I did what a lot of others have done, gone and bought the next one. Told in first person, Nadia quickly becomes one of those people you think you’ve always known.

She hustles poker players at the Las Vegas casinos and gets a rent deal from a themed wedding parlor operated by the flamboyant Frankie who has designs not only on creating a career for her, but also her boyfriends. Saving up to buy into the World Series of Poker was a struggle, but she hopes to at least make final rounds to earn some of her money back, and a little more. Meeting the casino owner and helping him figure out what happened to the prize money was a deliciously romantic bonus.

Spending some breathless days with Nadia and the gang will tickle your funny bone, sizzle up your romantic inclinations, wince when the bad guys land their punches, and leave you wanting more Nadia. And on a personal note, just being in the same room with author Nicolette’s sparkling smile and wit is energizing!

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