Monday, November 3, 2014

Security Squad, a Mars Cannon book by Nicolette Pierce

Security Squad (Book #3 in the Mars Cannon series)
Nicolette Pierce

October, 2014
E-Book, $3.99

From the Publisher: The ladies are at it again. They’ve switched gears and designed uniforms to become Madison’s Security Squad. The uniforms? Hideous. The job? An arcade that pays in tokens. Figuring that it’s a low-key job, Mars hopes that the ladies will stay out of trouble. 


So very wrong. 

When the arcade wall is vandalized repeatedly, Mrs. Janowski calls the squad for immediate action. With Aaron’s help, they decode the message on the wall, leading them to a seedy bar where danger lurks. The bar’s parking lot is full, but where are the customers? 

Mars has her own problems to work through. Evan and Brett . . . and the envelope. Mars discovers a secret that Evan’s been keeping, threatening their new relationship. And Brett . . . God, she doesn’t know what to do about him. But she’ll have to figure it out, and soon. 

My Review: Third in the series...after reading Pierce's Nadia Wolf series in which I wanted Nadia for my best friend, it took a little bit for me to change gears and learn to like Mars. She's different, but still gutsy. This series is set in Wisconsin, and takes full advantage of all the quirks the state has to offer, from our love of fried foods to biker heaven and biker bars, to our outer space obsession. Mrs. Janowski and the girls are such a hoot I can't help but love them as they attempt to make a name for themselves as a protection squad and use all their weapons—from keen observation to frying pans and Internet research. The relationships in the book are all quirky, from the Mars-Evan-Brett triangle to T and Emmy, to the ladies of the Squad.

For those who enjoy humorous, quirky characters solving a mystery with clues and actions out in left field, along with some steamy romance. Standalone-able, although you'll want to read the other books in the series too.

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