Friday, February 27, 2015

Bo Carter Memorial Contest from Waukesha Writer's Workshop

Waukesha Writer’s Workshop founded December 1951

BO CARTER MEMORIAL CONTEST – 2015                               RULES AND GUIDELINES

1. CATEGORIES:  Nonfiction: 1. Essay – not to exceed 2,000 words 
                                                   2.  Article – not to exceed 2,000 words
                                                   3. Nostalgia – not to exceed 1,500 words 
         Fiction:     4. Short Story – not to exceed 3,000 words (any genre)
                          5. Poetry – Up to 4 poems.  Total for all 4 poems inclusive not to exceed 90 lines.                                                                Enter as many of the four categories as you wish, but only ONE entry in any one category.


2.  ENTRY FEE:  Contest entrance is free to paid-up members of Waukesha Writer’s Workshop.      Nonmembers may either pay a $5.00 reading fee for EACH CATEGORY entered or opt to become a member by paying the annual dues of $15.00.  Make all checks payable for dues or reading fees to: Waukesha Writer’s Workshop.

3.  MANUSCRIPT PREPARATION:  Entries must be typed on one side, only, of 8 1/2 by 11 inch white paper, DOUBLE SPACED with standard one-inch margins.  ALL SINGLE SPACED NON POEM ENTRIES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. Poems may be either double or single spaced.
TITLE, CATEGORY, PAGE NUMBER, and NUMBER OF WORDS OR LINES must be at the top of the FIRST PAGE of the manuscript.  Each page of the Manuscript must contain the TITLE and PAGE NUMBER.  DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE MANUSCRIPT PAGES.  Paperclip the manuscript – DO NOT STAPLE.

Prepare a COVER SHEET  FOR EACH CATEGORY, with your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, name of the manuscript, category and number of words or lines ON IT.

4. DEADLINE:  Monday, April 20, 2015, 10:30 a.m. at the regular meeting of the Waukesha Writer’s Workshop at Brookfield Highland Senior Apartments, Community Room, 20825 George Hunt Circle , Waukesha , Wisconsin .  If you are unable to attend the April meeting, MAIL or DELIVER manuscript (s) to Mickey Burgermeister, S69 W17349 Kirkwood Dr., Muskego, WI 53150, with check for dues or reading fee (s), to be received PRIOR to meeting date.

5. PRIZES:  In each CATEGORY –    First Prize       $25.00
                                                              Second Prize   $15.00
                                                              Third Prize      $10.00

If the judge/judges do not think the manuscripts merit awards, they are not obligated to select winners for each prize.  Judges to be announced.

MAY 18,  2015 MEETING.

If you have any questions, contact Mickey Burgermeister (262-679-0862) or Ramon Klitzke (262-547-3570) or Don Schambow –  

               PLEASE NOTE:  Failure to follow ANY of the above guidelines will automatically disqualify your entry.

Essay – 1. Begins with a premise.  2. Cites examples and data supporting premise. (allow reader to view issue or situation through author’s eyes)  3. Reveals author’s conclusion and an invites reader to reach same conclusion.  Author’s opinion. (Subjective – author personally involved)  Purpose: to convince

Article – Nonfictional prose.  An idea is honed into a theme that becomes the precise subject.  Four part structure – 1. lead (capture readers attention) 2. Theme paragraph   3. Body (develops the theme using quotes and anecdotes)   4. Conclusion (answers questions raised at beginning or summarizes main points)  Factual (objective – author not personally  involved, based upon research) – Purpose: to inform

Nostalgia – relates personal experiences intended to evoke an emotional response.  Most effective if has universal appeal, focusing on commonly shared experiences. Author’s remembrances.  Purpose:  to share life’s experiences.

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