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Thriller for Contemporary Political Fiction Junkies: Presidential Purchase

Presidential Purchase : A President's Confession

Presidential Purchase
Dawn Kunda
November, 2016

Political Thriller, Suspense
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About the Book
What will it cost? A novice journalist learns the scathing details of the former President of the United States' deadly campaign for office. Dale Sorenson got the surprise call of his life. Former President Robert Manfield wants to detail his path to the presidency. The president infers there will be a golden nugget at the end of the trail so long as Sorenson agrees to inform the American citizens on the importance of this interview. Back in the woods of northern Wisconsin and under tight security, Dale meets with President Manfield. A series of discussions add more questions than answers as to what the president truly wants to reveal. Unknown to Dale and the president, as the story closes in on the PAC influence, the money, and the driving power of a successful campaign, a gun smolders at a nearby town. The gun does not act alone. The gun does not quit until the main target is found. The team directing the gun has deep pockets that will not stop without a successful mission.

My Review
Kunda’s latest thriller is a frightening, could-be-true tale of modern American politics. What goes into maneuvering and manipulating for control of the world’s top office? Is it really the foremost voice on the planet? Readers get a fictional taste of who’s really holding the strings when they read Presidential Purchase.

Told in multiple viewpoints and alternating past and present, readers are drawn into the making of a president, and the small-town world of Wisconsin newspaper reporter Dale Sorenson who’s been chosen as the voice of the world’s most important secret. Why him? Why not—in the atmosphere of trust no one, not even yourself (as we learn when the former president goes to share the secret), there’s no place like home to start the fires of revelation burning.

Watch the big boys go down in this winding tale of betrayal, murder, and ulterior motives that will leave you thinking, maybe? Wow!

About the Author

As a former private investigator with a BS in Political Science and attendance at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Dawn is only intensely satisfied with suspense in her writing. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Kettle Moraine Writers’ Guild. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and dogs. Dawn would love her readers to visit her website at and contact her with questions or comments at

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