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Absurd fun from Manley Peterson

Bloated Goat      Funny Spam Emails

Manley Peterson book reviews

Bloated Goat
c. 2010

114 pp
$2.99 eBook
$7.19 print

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About the Book:
Get ready to enjoy a gut-busting adventure full of crazy forest animals and hijinks galore. You’ll meet Granny Hammy, Cocky Doodle, Bloated Goat, and a wide assortment of wacky characters as they romp around the forest in this ill-conceived (but humorous!) plot. Watch in horror as the author tries to tie everything together with an explosive ending that you'll probably see coming ten miles away.
Give Bloated Goat a try today. What's the worse that could happen?
(The author is not responsible for your decision to waste money and valuable time on this book and potentially lose that job promotion you worked so hard for. Or maybe miss your favorite TV show. I'm sure everyone will understand once you start to explain how you ignored the birth of your first child because you were too engrossed in the chapter about the skunk wedding.)

My review:
I confess I’m not really sure what to say after reading the adventures of Bloated Goat and his friends. The story of a main character who is busy being carried around and married while in a not-conscious state while other events and side stories take place probably has a deeper meaning than me and my bottle of New Glarus on the second try could fathom. But maybe not. On the other hand, I have a feeling a little neighborhood up nort probably knows exactly what (and who) Manley Peterson is writing about. Or at least have fun talking about it at one of those dark little bars with the way big stuffed fish and deer on the walls and everybody knows your name. Or your odor.

But once you get to the end and read the origin of the story, it will make a lot more sense.

Funny Spam E-mails

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63 pp

About the Book:
Dear Sir or Madam,
It is me from the Internet. Here to give you something. It is a book. Of funny emails. I am the creator of all emails, some might say. Kindly confirm all your information so that we can proceed and you get your gift. Do not worry or make skeptical. This is 100% legit and free, once you pay the small activation fee.
Kind Regard,

My review:
Yep, I recognize a few of those awkward spam mails too. Some are creepy, some just sad and yes, some downright funny.

Author Manley Peterson shares some of the creepier spam emails that got through his filters and that he opened, but the funniest part is his off the cuff responses (Yes, I will help you bring that one dollar you found over to America!) (call the police, call the army…don’t let her take my money!) I think I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets those creepy send me nude pictures, I like your smile, and you’re my soulmate! Messages.

As Peterson says, this little book is a good laugh. Probably not for kids.

About the Author:
Manley Peterson lives in northern Wisconsin and writes books for all ages, including the ages that don't exist yet. When not hunting for dangerous snow kittens or spelunking for hidden treasure, he likes to run, play video games, and entertain the family with awful jokes and tomfoolery.

Twitter: @ManleyP23

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