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The Ginseng Conspiracy by Susan Bernhardt
Cozy Mystery.  Available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes. MuseItUp Publishing $5.99. 

The Ginseng Conspiracy - On her way to attend a Halloween Ball, Kay Driscoll, a newcomer to town, witnesses the murder of a local professor. When the official coroner's report rules the cause of death to be accidental and the community accepts the judgement, Kay decides to uncover the truth for herself. Through her personal investigations, Kay exposes a complex conspiracy, woven deep within the thriving local ginseng industry, that involves some of the more prominent figures and families of Sudbury Falls. 

With her new friends, the free-spirited herbalist Deirdre and the untamed modern woman Elizabeth, Kay discusses new clues over tea and pastries at Sweet Marissa's Patisserie, their crime-fighting headquarters. As Kay gets closer to the heart of the conspiracy, additional murders happen in quick succession. Before long, Kay learns that the villains are gunning for her, too. Phil, her musically talented but preoccupied husband, determined to keep her safe, withholds from her the one thing she needs most: the truth.

95% of all American ginseng is grown in Wisconsin. 

The Buried Treasure series by Lisa Lickel
MuseItUp Publishing, available at most online retailers

FICTION: (Contemporary, unless otherwise noted)
Poached is Not an Option, Carol Wobig - collection of short stories
· Paperback: 98 page
· Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 20, 2012)
· ISBN-13: 978-1479139125

A Life Worth Dreaming About, Nicholas Dettmann
Carl Robertson, a 32-year-old man, did everything he could to move out of his small Midwestern town, losing many friends along the way. He dreamt of living the elegant lifestyle of New York City. He used his anger and hatred to move out of his hometown, discredit it and never wanted to think about it again. For a while, it worked. Then, he finds his life on the ropes and doesn't know why or how to change it. That is, until he meets a man who will change his life forever and in a way he never could've seen coming. Suddenly, he finds himself trying to catch up to a new reality, just in time to save his life and find his true love.
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Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: AuthorHouse (February 2, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1468543008
ISBN-13: 978-1468543001

The Boy, James Strauss
reaches back to prehistory and describes accurately our current human condition.
·Hardcover: 271 pages
·Publisher: Gale/Five Star -Science Fiction and Fantasy Series; 1st edition (April 2009)
·Language: English
·ISBN-10: 1594148139
·ISBN-13: 978-1594148132
Murphy's Troubles
Out of Darkness

Frank Dravis, Science Fiction fantasy
The World in Turmoil Series, The Foundry, book one
501 pp
January 2018

Meander Scar, by Lisa Lickel - set around Madison
Black Lyon Publishing LLC
ISBN 978-1-934912-23-2
retail: $16.95
available in Kindle and other electronic print
AmazonBarnes and NobleBlack Lyon
Ann Ballard has lived in limbo since the disappearance of her husband years earlier. Fighting her mother in law for a finding of death left her drained emotionally. When a younger man from her past, Mark Roth, shows up and offers his skills as a lawyer to help settle her case, how can she accept not only his help, but his love? When Ann accidentally discovers the truth of her husband's absence, how can she tell the secret without ruining more lives?

Waters of the Dancing Sky, Janet Kay
Sometimes you must tiptoe across that bridge linking this world with the next. Sometimes, it is the only way to put the twisted pieces of one's life back together again.

The Green Veil, by Naomi Musch
The Red Fury, by Naomi Musch

Mrs. Ballou books - Addie Ballou, Civil War era spiritualist, husband's diaries, by Alice Allan
Wisconsin Logging Camp 1921, by James Bastian

The O'Shaughnessy Chronicles, by Harold William Thorpe

Murphy's Troubles by Rex Owens - contemporary IRA Irish fiction
Out of Darkness, book 2, by Rex Owens

Providence: Hannah's Journey, Biblical fiction, Barbara M. Britton

Tying the Scot, historical romance, Jennifer Trethewey

The Loon Lake series by Victoria Houston - "up north"

On the Road to Death's Door, M.J. Williams and Peggy Williams
the first in a series, featuring a retired small town public safety officer and her husband. Emily and Stan Remington inherit a used RV and begin their travels in Wisconsin’s Door County where they are thrown into a murder investigation involving an old college buddy of Stan’s. It is available for the Kindle and as a print-on-demand paperback from Amazon.com. 

Dave Cubiak Mysteries, set in Door County: Death Stalks Door CountyPatricia Skalka
University of Wisconsin Press

Jo Oliver Thriller Mysteries by Catherine Finger

Driftless, by David Rhodes - set in southwestern Wisconsin - life in a small town
Whistling in the Dark, by Leslie Kagan - set around Milwaukee, coming of age story

Journeys: An Ice Aged Adventure, by Tim Fox - set around Natural Bridge State Park, a time travel adventure Journeys; An Ice-aged Adventure
Amazon Digital Services
$2.99 for e-book for Kindle and Nook
$12.95 for paperback
$6 cross-curriculum for teachers
202 pages

A Place for You, c. 2017
Amazon $3.05


Dusty the Dirty Horse, Emily Hein, children's book
c. 2013
ISBN: 978-1483636924

Grandma Is a Slowpoke, Star Bright Books, February 15, 2016 (Great reviews in Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly)
Animal Teachers, Blue Apple Books, August  2014 (Honorable Mention in 2014 Tofte/Wright Children’s Literature Awards: Council for WI Writers; 2014 Platinum & Gold Best Book Awards from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio; Great reviews in Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly)
A Rainbow of Birds, Guardian Angel Publishing, Feb 2014 (Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine)
Eggs 1, 2, 3: Who Will the Babies Be?, Blue Apple Books, Lift-the-Flap Book, 2012 (Maine Librarians Lupine Honor Book; Cybils Finalist; New York Public Library Children's Best List 2012; Gold Best Book Award: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio)
Home in the Cave, Arbordale Publishing, Spring 2012 (Gelett Burgess Award in the Growing Up category)
Star of the Sea, Henry Holt, 2011, (NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book; Junior Library Guild Selection;  Chicago Public Library Best of the Best List; Gold Best Book Award: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio; Tofte/Wright Children’s Literature Award: Council for WI Writers; Washington Children's Choices Picture Book Award Finalist; Great Review in The Wall Street Journal)
Fur and Feathers, Arbordale Publishing, 2010 (Teachers' Choice Award: Learning Magazine; Gold Moonbeam Award)
Good Night, Little Sea Otter, Star Bright Books, 2010
Seven Miles to Freedom: The Robert Smalls Story, Lee & Low Books, 2008 (Best Children's Books of the Year: Bank Street College of Education; Honor Book: Society of School Librarians International; Honor Book: 2009 Paterson Prize for Books for Young People; Starred Review: Kirkus Reviews; Editor's Favorites: The Bloomsbury Review;  Land of Enchantment Masterlist: New Mexico Library Association; Beehive Book Awards Nominee: Children's Literature Association of Utah; Reading Circle Program: Missouri State Teachers Association)
Little Skink's Tail, Arbordale Publishing, 2007 (Mom's Choice Awards: Best Children's Book, plus Gold Recipient: Educators' Choice & Animal Kingdom;  Teachers' Choice Award: Learning Magazine; Best Overall Book and Best Picture Book: Florida Publishers Association; Just Read, Florida! Recommended Summer Reading List 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
Midnight Teacher, coming in 2017 from Lee & Low Books

Eggshells In My Omelette, Children's picture book from Anson Berberich

Polly's Pink Piggy Parlor, also comes as a coloring book, Lisa Hainline

Ojibwe Traditions Coloring Books, Wisconsin Historical Society Press, $5.99
The Powwow Coloring and Activity Book: (ISBN: 978-0-87020-893-5, 36 pages)
The Storytelling Coloring Book: (ISBN: 978-0-87020-894-2, 40 pages)
The Sugarbush Coloring Book: (ISBN: 978-0-87020-895-9, 32 pages)

The Wild Ricing Coloring and Activity Book: (ISBN: 978-0-87020-893-5, 25 pages)


by Jill Dobbe

Traveling across the globe to work in an international school in Cairo, Egypt, was not exactly the glamorous lifestyle I thought it would be. I cherished my travels to the Red Sea, delighted in visiting the Pyramids, and appreciated the natural wonders of the Nile River. However, I also spent days without electricity or internet, was leered at by rude Egyptian men, breathed in Cairo’s cancerous black smog, and coaxed school work from rich, apathetic students. Why the heck did I do it? So I could experience the unexpected, explore the extraordinary, and bask in the thrill of adventure! Whether you’re a traveler or not, you will be astounded at this honest and riveting account of learning to live in an Islamic society, while confronting the daily challenges of being an educator in a Muslim school.

May, 2016
168 pp
ISBN  978-1517027810
EBook $3.99
Paperback $7.99
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Also available at Book World in Shawano, WI

Here We Are and There We Go, by Jill Dobbe
Who says you can’t travel with kids? My husband, Dan, and I do just that as we set off with our two very young kids, first to live and work on an island far out in the Pacific, then on to the continent of Africa with a few stops in between. Armed with strollers, diapers, and too much luggage, we travel to over 25 countries throughout a 10-year span, while working together as overseas educators. After surviving typhoon Yuri, almost being mauled by lions, and, nearly shot by a presidential guard, we happily endure all of the good times and bad, while living life to the fullest.

Connect with Jill: www.facebook/JillDobbeAuthor
Publisher: Orange Hat Publishing, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, www.orangehatpublishing.com
190 pp
ISBN: 9781937165215
c. 2012
$5.99 eBook
Buy from all online retailers

Rob Bignell, Hitting the Trail Series:
Enjoy these guidebooks in the bestselling Hittin' the Trail series:
Day Hiking Grand Canyon National Park – A complete list of day hiking trails in Arizona's most spectacular park. Read sample pages.
Order this book:
KindleNookApple iPad/iBooksSony ReaderKoboe-reading appsother
Day Hiking Barron County, Wisconsin – A complete list of day hiking trails at the edge of the Wisconsin Northwoods. Read sample pages.
Order this book: PaperbackKindleNookApple iPad/iBooksSony ReaderKoboe-reading appsother
Day Hiking Burnett County, Wisconsin – A complete list of day hiking trails in the heart of the Wisconsin Northwoods. Read sample pages.
Order this book:
KindleNookApple iPad/iBooksSony ReaderKoboe-reading appsother
Day Hiking Crex Meadows Wildlife Area – A complete list of day hiking trails in this world-famous stopover for endangered and rare migrating waterfowl. Read sample pages.
Order this book:
KindleNookApple iPad/iBooksSony ReaderKoboe-reading appsother
Day Hiking Polk County, Wisconsin – A complete list of day hiking trails in this gateway to the Wisconsin Northwoods. Read sample pages.
Order this book:
KindleNookApple iPad/iBooksSony ReaderKoboe-reading appsother
Day Hiking the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway – A complete list of day hiking trails along the St. Croix and Namekagon rivers. Read sample pages. JUST RELEASED!
Order this book:
PaperbackKindleNookApple iPad/iBooksSony ReaderKoboe-reading appsother
Day Hiking Wisconsin and Minnesota Interstate State Parks – A complete list of day hiking trails in the two parks straddling the scenic Dalles of the St. Croix. Read sample pages.
Order this book: KindleNookApple iPad/iBooksSony ReaderKoboe-reading appsother
Other titles forthcoming.

Enjoy these guidebooks in the Headin’ to the Cabin series:
Day Hiking Trails of Northeast Minnesota – A complete list of day hiking trails in the Minnesota counties of Chisago, Pine, Carlton, St. Louis, Lake, and Cook. Each of these counties border either the St. Croix River or Lake Superior on Minensota's famous North Shore. Read sample pages. COMING 2015!Order this book: Paperback, Kindle, Nook, Apple iPad/iBooks, Sony Reader, Kobo, e-reading apps, other
Day Hiking Trails of Northwest Wisconsin – A complete list of day hiking trails in the Wisconsin counties of Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, Polk, St. Croix, Sawyer and Washburn. Twin Citians as well as residents of southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois on vacation most commonly frequent northwestern Wisconsin cabins. Read sample pages.
Order this book:
PaperbackKindleNookApple iPad/iBooksSony ReaderKoboe-reading appsother
Other titles forthcoming.

Enjoy these guidebooks in the author’s Hikes with Tykes series:
Hikes with Tykes: A Practical Guide to Day Hiking with Kids – Comprehensive and conversational, this book combines hiking parents' experiences, step-by-step how-to's, and practical guidelines to help you plan the perfect day hike with your children. Packed with tips from parents who learned how to hike with kids by trial and error, this volume is the only user-friendly guidebook that covers all you need to know about dayhiking with children. Read sample pages.Order this book:
Hikes with Tykes: Games and Activities – Listing more than 100 diversions, this volume provides anyone taking kids on a day hike with loads of tried and true amusements to keep children from getting unruly or bored. Culled from the experiences of fellow outdoor-minded parents, this book is the most comprehensive collection of diversions available, with something for every age group and childhood interest. Read sample pages.Order this book: PaperbackKindle

Population: 451, Meeting Your Neighbors One Emergency at a Time, by Michael Perry - set in northwestern WI
Truck: A Love Story, by Michael Perry
Coop, by Michael Perry

Prof. Dept. Life Sciences Communication, UW-Madison
Native People of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Historical Society Press
Indian Nations of Wisconsin, Histories of Endurance and Renewal
Native People of Wisconsin
Native People of Wisconsin Teachers Guide
Seventh Generation Earth Ethics
We Shall Remain (PBS documentary booklet)

Sit, Stay, Heal!, by Mel Miskimen, read on Chapter a Day, Public Radio, May 1-9, 2017

Jane A Schmidt, rural humor memoir, Not a Perfect Fit

Debbie McKinney, Bringing Hope: A Disaster Relief Journey

Robert Root, Walking Home Ground

Scott Spoolman, Wisconsin State Parks April 2018
Extraordinary Stories of Geology and Natural History

The Driftless Reader, Curt Meine and Keefe Keeley, eds

A Life in Waiting, Katryna Benson, with Brandon Benson, the story of surviving child abuse
 A Life in Waiting is a window into the horrific world of child abuse through the eyes of a child but the memory of an adult who never received any form of closure or vindication. No one was ever charged and to this day it is downplayed and denied by those closest to him and the situation. Even though the physical abuse ended years ago, all of these factors keep the mental anguish manifesting to this day. The book depicts a child in isolation who develops in his own mind with the best tools he is given at the time. At a young age he is driven so far mentally that he shuts down. This lasted for so long he was sent to a school for kids with special needs at one point, but that wasn't the need. Relief, listening and justice were the solution. He didn't receive any of these things until later in life and justice will never be served. If we can change just one child's story with our own then its all worth it. With enough exposure the topic of child abuse will be impacted.

Find Your Heart, Follow Your Heart, by Keri J Olson, Baraboo
Are you at a crossroads in your personal or professional life? Do you long for more meaning, joy, and authenticity? Do you feel stuck, yet crave something new?
Find Your Heart, Follow Your Heart is there to help guide you on your journey. Through a series of essays, affirmations, and associated questions, you'll explore topics intended to help you find opportunities for growth and illumination for your path.

This engaging book will help you discover the answers that are already there waiting for you--deep in your heart.


$8.95 print, $3.99 ebook