Friday, May 15, 2015

Ann Garvin speaks in Waukesha June 6

From the desk of Kathie Giorgio, Director, AllWriters' Workplace & Workshop LLC:
WAUKESHA – Expert plotting is the best way to keep readers turning pages, all the way to the end. Whether you have just the germ of an idea or a whole complicated manuscript, this workshop will illuminate for you the numerous way structure is used to achieve cohesion and will help you find the most gripping way to tell your story. On Saturday, June 6th, Ann Garvin will illustrate the most compelling way to tell a tale. AllWriters’ Workplace & Workshop welcomes special guest lecturer ANN GARVIN with her workshop, THE MOST COMPELLING WAY TO TELL A TALE: PLOT AND COHESION.
Whether you are working on a novel, short story, essay, or memoir, each work must tell a compelling story and maintain the energy of that story all the way through to the end. There are lots of ways to tell a story, but expert plotting is the best way to keep readers turning the pages. Plotting also helps with cohesion, resisting the mid-draft slump and can ultimately save time. This workshop examines the numerous ways structure is used to achieve cohesion and will help you find the most compelling way to tell your story. This workshop is for writers with just a germ of an idea or a whole complicated manuscript.
ANN GARVIN’s decades of teaching health and studying what makes people tick proved a perfect backdrop for her novels On Maggie’s Watch and The Dog Year. Her teaching position as an adjunct in the Masters of Fine Arts position at Southern New Hampshire University allows her to marry her love of people, story, and writing and help others do the same. She is a featured writer for, where she writes on entrepreneurs, health, and how to save the world. Ann is devoted to helping people find health and tell their stories, and fundraises for and animal rescues. Ann, a natural storyteller, is a sought-after speaker and educator at conferences where writing, health, and human nature are discussed.
Celebrity Saturdays are a great chance to broaden your knowledge of what it takes to be successful and to learn from writers who are already knee deep in an author’s life. Ann Garvin’s workshop will be held on Saturday, June 6th, 2015. This event runs from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and costs $85, which includes a lunch catered by Waukesha’s own Café de Art.
AllWriters’ Workplace and Workshop offers on-site and online writing courses in all genres and abilities of creative writing, as well as coaching, editing, and marketing services. A schedule of classes, with online registration, is available at or by calling (262) 446-0284. AllWriters’ is located at 234 Brook Street, Unit 2, in historic downtown Waukesha, as featured in Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel. 

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