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Is This a Lousy Job or is it Me with Terri Jacke


By Terri Jacke
Inspired Publishing, August, 2020
244 pp.
Ebook: $9.99
Hardcover: $22
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About the Book
Have you ever felt deflated at work? Whether you are just starting your career or have
finally gained enough experience to advance to your “dream” job, you may find yourself disillusioned by difficult bosses or coworkers, drained by unreasonable demands, or disappointed with the lack of growth opportunities. Given these lousy elements of your job, how can you achieve fulfillment from your work?

In IS THIS A LOUSY JOB OR IS IT ME?, executive coach Terri Jacke explores how every success and every struggle at work can be used to develop your character, which determines the way you handle each experience. It is your character that shapes your behavior in the workplace and informs the quality of decisions you make at work and about your career. By using stories—sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking—Terri invites you to join her on a journey that chronicles her growth through the seven stages of character development at work: Beginning, Yuckiness, Fear, Authenticity, Boundaries, Love, and Exit.

Terri holds nothing back in taking you into the heart of her experiences from her first job at a campground at age 12 to succeeding at iconic corporations and finally fulfilling her dream to establish her own firm. Combining real-life experience and organizational development expertise, IS THIS A LOUSY JOB OR IS IT ME? Provides practical tools and hard-won wisdom to help you develop your character at work.

The insights you gain into the seven stages of character development, captured in the BY FABLE model, will empower you to make sense of your workplace experiences and effectively move yourself through the stages in their natural sequence, allowing you to create a fulfilling career path leading to your inevitable success.

A Brief Interview with the Author

Terri, what do you love about your book?
I am excited that my book offers young professionals, in particular, insights into the experiences they are having in the workplace. It prepares them for the interesting people and unexpected challenges they may face on their journeys, so that they are able to handle those situations with confidence and grace rather than surprise and confusion, which sets them up for success. It also offers more seasoned employees an opportunity to put their careers in perspective in order to contemplate the impacts they hope to have and the legacies they want to leave behind. It's informative, but written in a storytelling fashion that keeps readers engaged whether they are new to the workplace or have been around the block a few times!

Share something you learned while writing it.
As I spoke to people about their workplace journeys, I learned that - without exception - everyone experienced a similar character development journey over the course of their careers. The stages of character development were the same even if the timing and experiences were vastly different. I was astounded by some of the stories people shared and the richness their experiences added to my book. I made sure to incorporate elements of my story, which is the basis for the book, that highlighted the wisdom I gained from other people who had shared their journeys with me.

What do you hope readers will talk about?
I hope readers will reflect upon their career journeys thus far and be thoughtful about how they want to manage themselves for greater fulfillment and success. I would love for readers to contemplate their current state of character development and to be intentional about how they might use workplace situations to continue to evolve their character.

What are you reading now?
I am currently reading The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt.

What's next for you?
I am researching material for my next book which will be for workplace leaders. I want leaders to explore the impact of their current stage of character development upon the people they lead, and I plan to offer practical, specific ideas for leaders to develop the mental and moral qualities of themselves and others. Maybe when I retire from executive coaching and organizational development work, I will write a nonfiction book...perhaps a psychological thriller based in an American workplace.


About the Author Terri Jacke, MS
Terri Jacke is a seasoned organizational development consultant and the founder of Inspired Training Institute, Inc. She serves as a professional coach to executives and business owners, guiding the growth of their character as a foundation for increased leadership effectiveness and teamwork. She is also a sought after workshop facilitator and professional speaker on topics related to professional development, leadership, and culture. Terri lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with her husband, Chris. She is the mother of three adult children, her daughter and two step-sons.

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